Winter Benches

Winter is long ’round these parts.  The cold chill presses and rattles the windows and doors.  Snow’s blanket covers the earth in a white fantasy that looks like it came straight out of Narnia. 

We spend time cocooning ourselves in our homes, wrapped in the pleasure of candles flickering, soft blankets and dinners that smell of comfort and that welcome home feeling. And some times we can be found frolicking in winter, feeling like we’re kids again with bright cheeks, blazing eyes and the requisite sniffles that come with toboggans, snow forts and epic snow-covered battles. 

Yet, there are times when you face just longs for the warmth of the sun, for gardens with benches that invite conversation and cool drinks and warm breezes that carry laughter across the bluest of skies.  There are days when the lonely howls as loudly as the wind.  As the snow drifts down for the umpteenth time you wonder whether or not you`ll ever make it to Spring. You wonder whether or not you`ll emerge from your self-imposed cocoon to find the bench, neglected and as forlorn as your heart. 

You’re weary of cold and lonely.  You’re weary of feeling like you’ve been left out and left behind.  This world continues to spin on the axis of crazy and you’re too busy trying to stop the dizzy feeling that you feel like you’ve missed the point.  All your heart longs for is that bench.  The one that has been build with friends, by and for friends. 

It’s there friend.  That bench that we’ve built together.  It may be a little snow-covered.  It may have seemed like the dark nights and mornings have hidden it from sight it, but it’s there.  The sturdy boards rising like a worship out of the white, a testament to strength of the ties that built it.  

It’s waiting, for you and I to find it.  There’s room on this Winter bench for you.  Won’t you come and sit?  Won’t you come and fellowship with me?  I’m here for you and you’re here for me and that’s the beauty of this friendship that we’ve formed.  And maybe together we can keep the cold at bay with the warmth of companionship.

“And on a cold night, two under the same blanket can gain warmth from each other.  But how can one be warm alone.” Ecclesiastes 4: 11

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