Why – God Sized Dreams

Why do I feel my dreams are worth pursuing?

That is the question that we are answering over at HolleyGerth’s today.  We’ve got some God-sized Dreams and we’re opening our hands and letting our dreams take flight in His time with His plan.
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Dear Beloved Daughter,

You asked me why, and I am going to tell you…



Before you were formed, knit together with your green eyes and blond hair I held the seeds of your dreams in trust, for safe keeping, until your heart was fertile and ready to receive them back.

Before your mother’s body bent, before the pleasure-pain rippled across her belly, I felt the anguish of your first failure, the pain of your first doubt.

Before you pushed your way through dark with your fists and eyes clenched I saw you bent and broken.  Your heart turned stony and your soul covered in dark.

Before you even breathed your first breath, I saw every word you wrote and I knew that those words would bring you home to Me, your Father.

Before your first lusty cry filled the room, I heard you in your darkest time say My Name and welcome salvation to your heart.

Before your first step, I counted all of your other steps.  Each one measured, each one numbered.

Before you spoke your first word, I heard your dreams as you whispered them and gave them a hesitant voice


Daughter, before you were – I WAS and I AM – and all of these things that beat inside your chest.  All of these dreams that you dare to dream – they’re Mine!  Held in trust by Me, planted by Me, birthed by Me…

So dream them, big or small, dream them –because I AM your why… and I always will be.
I love you so much,
Father God





  1. Sweet sister dreamer….thank you so much…..I love the application of Psalm 139 to the why of your dream!!! Brings tears to these God-gazing eyes!
    Keep pressing on dear one! Hugs, Judy

  2. I love this, too. Thanks for sharing your heart through this beautiful writing. God is our why. God is our everything!

  3. Just beautiful…I love that He has had each of our dreams planned from start to finish long before we even were. That is such an incredible reminder to me of His perfect love for each of us. Thank you for this today…blessings! 🙂

  4. I appreciate your perspective in pointing us back to God…truly touching, Tonya…Thank you 🙂

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