What You Most Want to Hear on the Bad Days – Coffee For Your Heart


It’s that time of week again.  The time when I get to encourage you.  Won’t you grab a cup of coffee or a warm mug of tea and join us for Coffee for Your Heart with Holley Gerth?

What You Most Want to Hear

There are days when time just seems swallow you whole.  When all of what you wanted to do, to accomplish, get done is chewed up by second hand on the clock.  Before you pour your first cup of coffee you feel failure nipping at your heels and you wonder whether or not you can crawl into bed and try this whole waking up thing again.

There are days when All. Of. The. Things. have congregated on one date on the calendar and the red circle you drew around your commitments is blaring a warning siren at you, because you feel like you might be on overload and the meltdown is imminent.

There are days when your baby applies to college and you weren’t even there for a small celebration.  Days when you can’t remember the last time you wrapped your arms around your husband, your children, your mother, your friend just to feel close to someone you love and to feel loved.  There are days when you want to celebrate successes with small Ebenezers but that clock is ticking its impatience in your head.

I know what I want to hear on those days.

I want to hear someone whisper a prayer to help me see through the busy.  I want to hear the balm of encouragement to keep on going because what I’m doing is hard, hard work. I want to hear that time is but numbers on a clock and that God’s timing is the only time.

I want to know that there are prayers being prayed that haven’t reached my ears.  That people are caring from afar.  I want to know that I am on someone’s mind and that I am loved.

And I can’t help but feel that if this is what I need, what I want to hear on the hardest of days then you too must feel this way.

So let me just whisper here friend, you are going to be okay.  You are never far from my thoughts, that my lips whisper you name in God’s ears when ever you are on my mind.  Can I just tell you that even though I haven’t looked into your eyes or held you close for a hug, even though I haven’t held your hand I know…

But more importantly?

He knows.

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