The Power of Anger

I often allow my anger to consume me.  I find that I let it infiltrate every muscle, every cell, every molecule of my being.  There are days when I can actually feel the hum and the vibration of  my anger as it ripples through me.  I can feel the power and the charge that comes from such a strong and intense emotion.   There comes a moment just before the anger overwhelms me and its effects leave me feeling heavy and  wearisome, that I am actually thrilled with its pulsating rhythm.  It is, as if, for a microsecond time is suspended and I have a choice to make.  I truly feel that this tiny moment is when anger is in its most useful form, where the energy that is derived from it can be used to move us in a direction that accepts and embraces love. 

There are times when I ask myself “What am I so angry at…?”   I ask that question however, after the crisis has peaked and I am generally too weary and too discouraged with myself to come up with a useful response.  When I look  back at the wake of destruction and chaos that my anger has caused I am always so surprised by how judgemental, insensitive and completely inappropriate I can be.  I know that I crave peace,  I crave the day when I can give my anger over to God and allow love to blossom and grow.  Peace and authenticity are difficult to achieve when your mind is so focused on causing and brewing trouble.

By changing our thought process in that suspended  moment from anger to one of love we are moving toward authentic living.  Authenticity is so much better, residing in the richness that it has to offer will draw those people into my life who were meant to be there, where as using my anger as my weapon will only serve to alienate people from entering into deep and lasting relationships with me.

So how do we  remove the “guns” of anger from our minds?   I think that it needs to start by holding our thoughts hostage.  ” We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”(2 Corinthians 10:5)  Before every interaction, before every situation I ask God to help me censor my thoughts through this filter.  In this way I can receive assurance that every interaction, every person that I meet, is guided by Him and that it has His handprint and design.  Choosing to be guided as God’s vessel allows us to consistently promote change for the purpose of peace.  Choosing to ask God for His guidance in revealing those areas where we need to soften our hearts will move us to embrace and accept love over anger.   


  1. Dear Tonya… You’re a spectacular ‘vessel’ that God delights in! Your authentic Self is Love and all-ways will be. To return to this way of living is a rich blessing to your soul and those you encounter. You write with such eloquence and gift us with your talent every time… Thank you! Love & Blessings, LN 🙂

  2. Spectacular insight into the truth guided by the grace of God !

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