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She is 12 years old and has beautiful brown hair and these incredible eyes that are dark and fathomless.  She loves to colour and learn.  She talks about playing and skipping and making friends.  She, like any other child, becomes animated at the thought of visiting her grandmother, who she loves with all of her heart.  She is proud of her accomplishments and everyday she thanks God for all that He has bestowed upon her and her family. And I know all of this because she writes to tell me with regularity and her letters come from Southern Mexico.  Her name is Nayeli, and she is my Compassion daughter.  

Until very recently my involvement with Compassion Canada has been somewhat innocuous.  I have willingly allowed the funds to be removed from my account on the 15th of every month.  I have received emails and newsletters about the good work that is being done worldwide for children.  Children like Nayeli, who now have a future and a hope.  That transfer of funds, that line in our budget has been about as far as my thoughts would go.  Making sure the money was there.  Making sure the cheque wouldn’t bounce. 

Beyond the monetary investment however, Nayeli did not cross my mind, at all, until the 15th of the next month when I would once again add a line to the family budget. 

I look back at the past 3 years and mourn over what I have lost.  Mourn over the fact that I cared only enough to set up an automatic transfer.  Cared only enough to ensure that the small cost of sponsoring a child was available and to make sure that I was unavailable.  My time was too precious, my own children and family too important.  I could not make time for this other soul that God had entrusted to our care.  I did not take the time to mine and craft and hone a relationship with a child that wrote gratitude and joy on every letter that she sent.  Every butterfly she drew, every questions she asked, ignored. 

When Nayeli’s last letter passed through my hands I could feel God’s palms resting lightly on my shoulders and  I heard His whispering, “Tonya, make time.  There is enough time.  There is enough.”  So I sat and I read and I marveled at how God used a young girl thousands of miles away to bring me to my knees and remind me that I have more than dollars to offer this child.

This soul moment with God has been what has moved me to begin to support Compassion during the month of September with several blogs dedicated to sponsoring children around the world.    Children in every corner of the world suffer at the cruel hands of fate, disease, famine and poverty every single second of the day and I am grateful that God has provided our family with the means to be able to support Nayeli with the “things” our money can buy, but I am even more grateful for the moment that God used a little girl to change my paradigm on giving and opened doors to reveal how my gift will impact the heart of that little girl.

I am including a link to the Sponsor Page for the Compassion Website and I would like to encourage all of you who land on this page to quietly click on the link and slip over to the website where you will be greeted by the beautiful children of this world who are waiting to be sponsored.   Take some time to consider how your life might be changed because of one small, brown haired, doe eyed little girl thousands of miles away.  Compassion Sponsor Page
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