Path of Courage {Christ is Your Expectation}

He has changed everything and there are days when I don’t live like it.  He has proven time and again that He is my constant companion and I have consistently turned my back on Him.
He brought me to a place of of healing and salvation yet I cannot seem to muster the courage to seek after Him with my whole heart.  I seem to always be looking for the next best thing, for what’s coming around the next corner. 
He has healed me and yet there are days when I don’t believe it. I don’t like this feeling, don’t like waiting for what might be instead of focusing on what is right in front me – Jesus.
My expectations for what should be are exhausting, confusing even.  Living by craning my neck in hopes of finding something better leaves me straying off path.  The only expectation I should have, the only one I need is Christ.
He goes before me, He is my friend.  The King of Kings, is my friend.  That takes some getting used to, takes some mind contortions to wrap my head around the truth of how much He loves me.
Keeping Christ ahead of me, with my gaze fixed solely on Him is the only marker on this crazy road map called life – the only one that will point me in my true direction. 

My prayer today is that I remain focused on Him. Whatever task I am doing, whatever chore or moment I am in my prayer is that I would put my expectations in Christ who goes before me – not on what might be next.  

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