On Purpose



She’d asked me a while back, would I come and help her bake bread for the very first time.  Of course, I told her, I can do that.

That was months ago. 

Finally this past week, I gathered my bread pans and my favourite recipe and drove across town.  And you know what?  We had The. Best. Time.

With the dough mixed there was very little to do but wait.  So we grabbed drinks and found our way to the front porch and I learned things I never knew about her, even though she’d been part of my small group for over two years.

We swapped baby stories, tales of motherhood and a whole lot of “me toos” all while watching life stroll by on the street in front of her house.  Then, it hit me, I was making a friend, on purpose.

I’m over at (in)courage today as part of a fun Friday link-up, won’t you join us? 

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