My Sin was There

My sin was there on that day.  The day He entered the garden.  When the weight of iniquity pressed His knees to the ground.  When His brow dripped red with drops of blood, right where the crown of thorns would sit.

 My sin was there on that day.  Squeezing His heart,  and as that anguished cry ripped hoarse nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done” (Luke 22:42),  He felt the burden of His choice and surrendered to His Father’s will.

My sin was there on that day.  The day when betrayal’s kiss pressed  his cheek like the iron that would pierce His skin.  When 30 pieces of silver slithered into the palm of Judas for a coup well executed. 

My sin was there on that day.  When darkness ruled and He was arrested under the shroud of night.  The Pharisees, fearing riots in the Temple,  slunk coward as they stood behind the Roman guard.

My sin was there on that day.  When Peter, the Rock, shook fear and trembling.  When his mouth opened and his tongue let loose denial, not once or twice, but three times he rejected the Son of Man. 

My sin was there on that day.  When the religious leaders badgered and question.  Daring Him to turn His back on the throne of God, His rightful place at His Father’s right hand.

My sin was there on that day.  When the one and only human, Pontius, could release Him from the grip of death and yet, he chose to release another and wash his hands instead.

My sin was there on that day.  It covered His back as He was whipped and beaten.  As flesh was torn open and laid bare.  When they pushed the thorns on the very brow that sweat drops of blood in the garden.

My sin was there on that day.  When the guards gambled for his clothes and spit in his face, mocking Him – The King of the Jews.

My sin was there on that day.  When the cross beams of salvation pressed deep into deeper wounds, leaving splinters and dirt and pain.  When he struggled under the weight of the cross – the sin of humanity.

My sin was there on that day. When they pressed him on that ugly tree and when “[He] cast all my sins behind [His] back”  (Isaiah  38:17).  When the cruel sound of metal striking metal and the iron ripping flesh became the requiem of His love for me.

“He is despised and rejectedby men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.” (Isaiah 53:3)




  1. This is really beautiful. I am teaching Sunday school next Sunday and I think I may read this out loud.

  2. Thank you so much Kirsten… That you would honour my by reading it out loud to your Sunday School class? Makes my heart smile.

  3. Oh my Lord! And aren’t you just SO VERY GLAD that your sin – and my sin – are simply no where to be found anymore? That He has removed them as far as the East is from the West?

    sigh… LOVE this post, my friend! I LOVE the Truth and the power of it… the freedom in it… (I wrote a guest piece this morning on Easter and KNEW I could not read yours until I was done with mine! A treat well worth the wait!)

    • As far as the East is from the West – Karrilee that is a promise I rest in every single day and the beauty of the ugly cross is what I cling to for grace – thank you friend for your encouragement here.

  4. So so beautiful. I could see each line happening in my mind’s eye. Such wonderful imagery and Praise God, He took our sins on that day!

  5. Tonya,
    This was powerful, both in its meter and its message. Well done.
    Peace and good,

  6. Yours and mine both, friend. Thankful for a God who went to amazing lengths to ransom us. Walking as the redeemed, right along with you sister.

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