Laying Down

Every day it is a constant laying down; my plans, my agenda. A minute by minute supplication that needs to occur as I bend myself to His will.

And, it is surreal to me that no matter how many times I get this – no matter how many times I nod my head in simple acquiescence I still manage to get it wrong.  I still manage to walk ahead of God’s timing and do my own thing.

God goes before me.  He goes before me, or there is no other way.

There is no other path that I want to follow other than the one that He has prepared for me and yet I still choose to forage ahead on my own.  I still choose to fight my way through the thorns and brambles of my day on my own terms and in my own way.

God’s way is not always easy and His path is not always clear.  And some times that path leads us straight into the wilderness where we feel isolated and alone.  Where our parched lips beg the desperate plea of why.  WHY?

I have learned, I am learning, that the WHY is irrelevant.  That I may never know the WHY. The WHY may be that He is equipping us for the HOW and the WHERE that awaits us on the other side.

God’s way is not always easy, but the one thing that keeps me from stumbling is His hand gripped in mine as I make my way through His purpose for me.

There is nothing that I can do, no schedule, no agenda, no end run around the middle or rehearsed moment that will ever come close to the perfection of His plan.

So today I walk as if on my knees, palms open asking Him to guide me every step of the way.

He goes before me, or there is no other way.

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