Into the Light

If we accept the grace of the cross but choose not to live a life of grace, do we not then deny the power of the cross?  If we receive, with palms open, the sacrifices made on those beams of love yet close our fists to the purposeful act of thankful joy do we not then make light of the very crux of our faith?  When we plot our course with ungratefulness do we not then eschew the words of Jesus when he said “… I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10 NKJV)?

A new morning, a new year is here and I am sitting in the quiet and there is light being filtered through the gold of my living room curtains.  The light it hovers over my floor boards like a waiting, an anticipation of a place to land. 


During the past few days of 2012 darkness wound its way into my life as I whispered doubt in the still of the night and let anxiety mar my joy.  Anxiety about all that I did not accomplish in this year; my goals, my desires, all of what I had hoped seemed to scatter on a fallow field of discontent. I have spent a few days berating myself for not doing more, not living more, not, not , NOT!  

And discontent it is a breeding ground for depression as doubt gives way to fear and fear gives way to anger and really has God not helped me find my joy this year?  Has He not promised to  give [me] singleness of heart and put a new spirit within [me}… [And] take away [my] stony, stubborn heart and give [me] a tender, responsive heart” (Ezekiel 11:19 NLT)?  And with the new, tender heart has He not also given me an opportunity to enter into life full of celebration?

Why do I lose sight of that opportunity – why does my heart doubt,  “Life could be like that — giving way to the celebration of fully living?” – Ann Voskamp

I want this, the art of fully living – but I must first accept the grace of joyful living.  I must first accept the power of the cross and its purpose of life-giving joy! 

The light, its dancing there on my floor, dancing in invitation.  An invitation to thanks.  “A sacrifice of thanks lays down our perspective and raises hands in praise anyways — always” – Ann Voskamp.

I step  into the light with arms raised.


  1. I loved this Tonya! We search constantly for more and always feel less. I walk into that light with you…arms raised in praise to a God who loves us and promises hope.

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