Horsing Around – Behind the Scenes

crystalstine.me  I love Tuesdays.  I love Tuesdays, because I get to tell you about the story Behind the Scene.  This is a fun link up hosted by the ever so talented and lovely Crystal Stine (y’all seriously, she is the bomb).  Often we snap a photo and share it instantly on Pinterest, Instagram, FB and Twitter but really… what happened just before or just after…  That’s what we want to know!  You can join in the fun over here.

The Photo

Isn’t she pretty? (Well to be honest, I’m not really sure she’s a she… I didn’t really get a good look at that end if ya know what I mean).   My step-mom, Norma, and I set out early Saturday morning for a little drive in the country.  We weren’t driving aimlessly mind you, but about 45 minutes away from the cottage is a little town called Mildmay, Ontario and it boasts the most fabulous Scrapbooking Store – I kid you not. It’s way, and I mean WAY, better than Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Anyhoo, I digress, on a lark just before we headed out the door I grabbed my camera because well, it’s small  town Ontario and you never know what hidden treasures you might find for you lens.

I told my step-mom as we pulled out of the driveway that what I really wanted most was to photograph a horse.  So I asked if she happened to spot a field with the said beasts in it would she mind pulling over so I could capture the ultimate shot.  The first stop didn’t yield much.  A trio of horses to scared to turn around and no matter how much I clucked or whistled they just weren’t in the mood for a modelling session.  The next field just around the bend however yielded the above results. 
The car skidded to a stop and I climbed out with camera in hand and made my way down into the ditch toward the electric fence (what you also need to know is that I prayed out loud, in my best praying voice “Dear Lord, please don’t let there be snakes, please Lord don’t let there be snakes).  As I approached the fence this beauty turned her head and started my way as I coaxed and cajoled her.  I can talk like quite a baby when it comes to horses. 
Before I knew it I had half a dozen of them vying for their time in front of the camera, flicking their tails and shaking their manes in such a manner to make any supermodel proud of their camera prowess.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  The most perfect shot of a beautiful creature.  I said goodbye to my four-legged friends and made my way back to the car, ecstatic with my find and their most cooperative nature. 
Later that evening when I was telling my dad about my fortune he wanted to see the pictures, so I pulled out my camera and started to scroll through the shots.  About 2 frames in he started laughing hilariously.  I mean, had – to – put – his – drink -down – because – rum & coke -was – going- come – out – his – nose laughing.  With tears streaming down his face and no breath he exclaimed “Those aren’t horses, they’re mules!”
“Mules!?!?!” I said “Are you sure?”  
And then he gave me that look that sometimes men are so brilliant at, the one that says “of course I’m sure” and “aren’t you cute for thinking otherwise”  
However, upon closer inspection I had to agree with his assessment of my inability to correctly name species of which I was photographing.

But I’ll let you be the judge.

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