Hanging on the Edge of Community

The sun slipped beneath the waves, the glorious pinks and oranges lighting the sky.  It was as if God had taken up finger painting and the pale blue was His canvas.  All of it a stark contrast to the dark shadows that lurked in the corners of her heart.
She sat at the mouth of the river, overlooking the lake on an out-cropping of rocks.  Beneath her was a firm and solid foundation yet she couldn’t help but feel as if she were perched on the edge of a cliff.

She was familiar with faith.  Familiar with the born-again, come to Jesus moments that dotted her past.  She would even tell you how, despite her current state of mind, that she believed in the sacrifice of a good Saviour.  What she wouldn’t tell you is that with each declaration of bravado she built walls of pretence, only as a means of protecting her from the very thing that hurt her the most – community… Read more here
I am thrilled to be guest posting over at (in)Courage today. A community that makes me lose my breath as I witness women gather to find a home for their hearts from all walks of life. Won’t you join me as we talk about the importance of being in community?  



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