Guests of Honour

The alarm clock blares incessant.  It’s 5:30 on a Sunday morning and my feet hit the floor in anticipation.  Trust me when I tell you that had this been in any other Sunday morning my grumble about the evils of alarm clocks on the Lord’s day would have growled in my throat.  But this day, this day was different.

I was going to my very first Compassion Canada event as a volunteer.

I had butterflies in my stomach.  Actual butterflies and I relished in that nervous tension that hummed through my veins as my pulse quickened and mythoughts ran wild with possibility.

Yes, Shaun Groves would be there with his guitar and faux-hawk.  Ann Voskamp would be there too, her alto voice raised as she preached (and man can she preach)  the compassion and love of the good God we serve.  And it is an honour to be sure, an honour to be led into the throne room of grace by these two Christ-followers.  But let’s not forget those others that were the guests of honour at Lakeshore St. Andrew’s Church inTecumseh, Ontario.

400 children.                                                 

400 children stuffed into blue envelopes of hope.  400 hundred children, some with smiles lighting joy from their eyes and some with sombre expressions, eyes filled with too much life lived at too young an age.

400 children whose stomachs have knotted in the gnawing ache of hunger.  400 children who drink from water ripe with sewage. 

400 children.

The task seems insurmountable, un-doable, unbelievably impossible.  And as I brushed fingers across the  photos displayed on the table my heart groaned the indecipherable as I questioned the how of it all. 

How can you be the light on the hill?  How can you be the salt?  And most importantly, how can you be the”go ye into all the world?” And as I stared at these faces swimming through the blur of my own tears, I felt the whisper of God…

“I have brought the world to you.” 

Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and did you know there’s a country called Burkina Faso, the four corners of the Earth laid open and waiting on the table in small town Ontario.

The “go ye” is sometimes only as far as your arm outstretched with your palm open ready to receive.  The light on the hill is sometimes the knowing that the luminating joy of helping one child at a time can be brighter than one thousand lanterns.  The $41 dollars given each month is the salt that sprinkles and seasons a young soul as they turn their heart toward Him.    

God is an expert at making the seemingly impossible, possible and has I handed back that blue packet of hope into that outstretched arm it went with a prayer that both child and sponsor would forever be changed.

Over 200 hundred children today were given a chance at living and life everlasting in Jesus’ name.

You too can make a difference.   A quiet whisper of encouragement here to visit the Compassion Sponsorship Page and find a child who will capture your heart.


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  1. I have sponsored a compassion daughter since I graduated college, and have been blessed to do the little I do. This sounds really amazing!

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