Five Minute Friday – Reflect

It feels like forever since I’ve been part of Five Minute Friday.  A regular crew of writers who take the pressure off and write for the sheer love of writing.  But here I am the last week before the December break, joining hundreds of others as the “silence the inner critic.”  Won’t you join us over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s and read some of the bravest writing I know? 

Today’s word is REFLECT , and I am taking some time to look back on a miracle that happened for Mercy House-Kenya this week and how watching God unfold this Christmas gift changed my perspective.


It rolls off my tongue with great speed, or it flies out the tips of my fingers and appears on my screen — God takes the seemingly impossible and makes it possible. 

I watched this happen this week, as more than $60K was raised in a crazy, whirlwind, upside down two days for a second home at Mercy House -Kenya.  I watched as the ticker climbed and the amount required shrink faster than I could refresh the Pure Charity web page. 

My hands shook with excitement, my heart pumped wild – I believed.  With thousands of others watching the impossible become possible, I believed.  Right down to the bottom of my feet I believed. This would be done, it could be done, a miracle was unfolding right before my eyes. 

And as the week wore on, I got to thinking.  Why is it, when I am watching God perform miracles – the impossible for others – why do I close my eyes to the impossible that is happening right in my own life?  Why do I then practice a soul amnesia and forget that with God ALL things are possible?

Why, when things get tough is my go-to position one of doubt and fear and accusation?  Why can’t I see the seemingly impossible become possible in my own life?

Then it dawned on me.  I need to live with my eyes wide open.  Wide open to Him and stop scrunching up my face with fear.

I need to live with my eyes wide open, and with every foot step an expectant posture of the impossible made possible.  

A house was built in two days.  Twelve young mamas and their babes are this very minute walking in the impossible – in miracle.

If there is one thing that I have learned this past week is that it is difficult to act justice, to walk humbly and love mercy when you’re plodding along with eyes closed to unexpected grace.

Look up!!

Look up – your impossible is made possible with God.


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