Five Minute Friday {My Thursday Night Oxygen Fix}

As most of you know I like to reserve Saturdays for Weekend Web, a little thing I like to do to share the beauty I have found on the internet during the week.  This week I decided to do things a little differently.  Every Friday I can be found over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s as part of her Five Minute Friday crew and I thought it time that y’all know exactly what the community means to me.  So this week’s version of Weekend Web is all about Five Minute Friday.
Thursday nights mean chocolate, or wine, maybe even a beer.  Thursday nights mean breaking my diet and choosing unhealthy food options.  Thursday nights are for Grey’s Anatomy and getting all swoony over Dr. McDreamy.  And, until November 1, 2012 my Thursday nights never strayed far from the above. 
Oh don’t get me wrong, ALL of the above still happens on Thursday nights, but last Fall my life changed forever.
Thursday nights now mean burning up my Twitter feed with the #FMFParty hashtag, and laughing until my sides ache or crying until I can’t see my screen anymore. Thursday nights mean doing anything possible to make it to any electronic device so I don’t miss out on the party.
I remember sending out my first tentative Tweet.  Who would know me?  Who would want to talk to me?  Who would even care?  I was just some tiny avatar on a screen after all.  And I wish I could go back in time and find my very first Tweet.  It was probably something super lame like “Hey y’all!” {Insert giant face palm and muttering “Genius Tonya, sheer genius” here}
I think it took maybe 3 seconds before my phone buzzed with a reply.  Wait?? What?? You noticed me?  Me?  You really want to talk to me?  They did and they do.  During that first party I felt like, as my friend Alia tells it, I was having a seizure.  It was all just happening too fast, I couldn’t keep up.  I was afraid of butting in and interrupting, I mean my mama raised me right and then Crystaljust flat out told me “There’s no butting in at #FMFParty, we call it mingling, so chat a way girl”  (In hindsight that may have been a mistake but more on that later)
I live for Thursday nights, in an “I need oxygen” sort of way.  These women, this stalwart of sisters who leave bravery all of the internet they are air to me. When I sit down to the keyboard I can go with my heart wide open, or in the nastiest of moods, or just plain heart-broken and it doesn’t matter.
There is vulnerability on those nights, there is honesty.  It’s a night where I can say “I’m not fine” and it is okay.  These women will rally and support me in ways that I could have ever imagined.  I’m not talking about “there, there” pats on the back.  I’m talking about women who will reach out and hold my hand, women who are not afraid to tweet a prayer, or send a hug or a virtual Nutella cupcake (Nutella, you should know, is the food of choice for most #FMFParty goers).


To me Five Minute Friday is about more than just the writing.  Sure it’s the one day of the week when the comments section on your blog might hit double digits, but that’s not the point. It`s about so much more than seeing who can beat Crystal to the number one spot or driving Kelly insane with words like “moist” or “twubs.”
To me Five Minute Friday is about digging down into the depths of ourselves and coming with vulnerability cupped in our open palms.  An offering that echoes ancient and holy, a communion of life that scales walls and pretenses.  It’s about unveiling wounds and hurts that we have covered for far too long and allowing sisterhood to trace the edges of our pain.  Five Minute Friday is about not agonizing over what people will think of your writing, and more about letting your soul bleed for five minutes flat, pixelated wonder that gives more than receives. 
Five Minute Friday, is about Lisa Jo and her great big huge heart for all of us, no matter where we are in life.  And even now when I think about her words and how she has reached thousands upon thousands, (There’s this little thing that she’s involved with called (in)Courage, but that’s another post), my eyes get wet and my screen gets blurry. 
She is us.  She is the plop-herself-down-on-the-couch-full-of-not-yet-folded-laundry-and-tell-you-you’re-beautifulkind of girl even when you feel like your jeans are too tight and your hair is too mousy, and then she’ll proceed to fold your underwear. She lives life right out the edges and shares that life with us, bad days and all.  She reminds us that we don’t have to have it all together or perfect.  That she’d rather walk a carpet full of crumbled cheerios than a freshly vacuumed one if that was the only way to you and your heartache and give you the biggest hug.
So on Thursday nights?  You’ll find me here, tweeting until the carpel tunnel has my wrists on fire, or until I get thrown in Twitter Jail for too many tweets (yes Twitter Jail IS a thing).

I’ve found my tribe, and we dance with encouragement every week.

This week the word was SMALL and let me tell you hearts bled on screens.  Can I gently encourage you to click here and head on over to Lisa-Jo’s.  You’ll be so glad you did.  And if you have some time read the bravery of these women – it’ll touch your heart.

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