Five Minute Friday – Jump


Do you remember those puddles, the ones after a rainfall, after the sun had come out?  They looked like an oasis a portal to another land.

And your mother in  a desperate attempt at some peace and quiet after 2 days pent up wrangling threes restless children sent you outdoors, shod with your rubber boots?

Do you remember the way that puddle would capture your little girl reflection?  Your young face with the bright eyes, and colour high on your cheeks because the out of doors was your playground and you could finally play?  Do you remember hearing the puddles beckoning you to take one giant leap?

And the water would spray out, droplets glistening diamond in the new spring sunshine and you would throw back your head and laugh, because without those rubber boots your feet would be wet and your pant legs soaked.

Those rubber boots were your courage.  All that you needed to take that leap into the wet.

Do you remember when you jumped for the sheer joy of it?  Do you remember when jumping brought laughter and didn’t feel as if you were plummeting off of a cliff?

I need to find my “rubber boot” courage.  Because the changes are coming – puddles on the landscape of my life –  and there will be splashing and perhaps wet feet but the only way through them is bending at the knees, jumping straight up and…

… letting life splash and glisten around me.



It’s that time of the week again… I just love me some Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker. Oh and by the way… we added a new mascot to Five Minute Fridays, his name is Fluffachu




  1. This was a marvelous post.

  2. Pass me the rubber boots sister! So love your heart shared here! Blessings!

  3. I have to run out and get me some rubber boots so that I can try a meager attempt at acting out your post. Love it!

  4. Dear Tonya
    Oh, I remember those puddles, but we always played in them especially if it was muddy! My mom needs a medal!

  5. Love this! I need to find me some rain boots!

  6. Rubber Boot Courage… girl… that’ll preach! <3 Love you, friend!

  7. First time joining in the challenge this week. Yes, rubber boot courage is what I need. My landscape is full of puddles and my Daddy {God} is asking me leave my stillness and quiet behind. With happy tears in my eyes, I’m going for my rubber boots in the closet. There will be jumping!
    Thank you for this!

  8. I love that image-the memory of my reflection peaking out from the puddle. Lovely post, lady!

  9. Oh how fun! What great memories you’ve brought back! (On a side note, I never owned a pair of rubber boots. I always did my puddle jumping barefoot, but then again I’m a country girl from East Tennessee.)

  10. Yes…love it. All of it…I’m such the puddle jumper, even in my 30’s. I love the rain and I love a good, splashing, glistening puddle even more. Thanks for this post, sweet friend…blessings! 🙂

    • Mel… keeping jumping sister and don’t stop… Thanks for reminding me again today that you’re not to old for puddle jumping.

  11. Hi Tonya,
    Your writing is poetic to me, and I love that image of you as a little girl splashing for joy in rain puddles…praying now that God will give you peace and His joy with your move…change can be challenging, and your faith in Him is great.

  12. Splash away, sister! 🙂

  13. I love “rubber boot courage”! Isn’t that the truth, though? Love, love, love…

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