Five Minute Friday – Home

Home has not always been that safe place for me.  Not always been the place that is made of little girl dreams.   I had one home when I lived with my father that was old and crumbly.  It’s corner’s dark and dank and in those walls secrets were kept under lock and key with the threats.   The walls were  stained water and the paper was peeling at the corners in almost every room.  This was not the pink ruffled, white canopied bed, house of my dreams.

I moved out of that house that bloomed ugly right out of the ground, moved out and never looked back.   Through a series of circumstances I was rescued from the secrets and given a chance – there but for the grace of God.  

And I learned from a woman, my mother what making a home was all about.  She was a huntress of beauty in the most unlikely places, Goodwill, The Economy Shop sitting right beside the tracks in Strathroy, Ontario.   The things she would find on the side of the road, other peoples castoffs a treasure trove of wonder would take shape right before my eyes and before I knew it I lived in a home.  I would walk through the doors from the bus, 12 years old, a good Dutch meal, Hashee (mashed potatoes and a beef/gravy sauce) would wisp tantalizingly around my nose.  Book cases made out of grape crates and all of it felt like and declared welcome – Home.

I often wondered if I would struggle in making a home.   Would I know how?  But home has a way of settling in your bones and for the past several years I have worked to make a home that is more than a house.  I have painted soothing colours, warm and inviting tones that beckon any guest to sit and feel loved and receive the gift of hospitality.  And this morning I sit in my soft butter office with the light of candles chasing a way the dark of night and I feel the comfort of home.   Right on my desk holding some of my books sits a painted grape grate – a symbol of rescue and a reminder of Home.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I’m glad you’re finding comfort in home now. Have a great Friday!

  2. The home your mother created sounds lovely 🙂 Who needs all those fancy expensive decorations and furniture? Crate bookshelves are my idea of perfect! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Visiting from FMF!

    • My mother’s home was and continues to remain lovely – it is always a place that invites and warms… Thank you Sarah for stopping by here.

  3. LOVE this, Tonya … you have welcomed us into your world and we are grateful you have done so … yes, you are now creating a haven of your own!

  4. Love that your mom passed down to you her way of making a house a home. The littlest things speak home sometimes…even a grape crate. Thank you so much for sharing friend. Blessings.

  5. Tonya, Wow… girl – we could SO hang out! One day, my friend… one day!
    LOVED this! What a way to honor your Mom… what a gift she imparted to you in showing you what Home is… how it is created and maintained… and passed on to others! <3

  6. Dear Tonya
    I love the way your mom took whatever she could get, mixed it with the love in her heart and created a warm, loving place called home; a home filled with warmth and love!! Beautiful!
    Much love

    • Mia, thank you for your words… and she still does this, my mother… she still creates warm and inviting spaces… Love her to bits!

  7. Love this your mom she was pretty amazing!! I pray someday my kids will view me like you do your mom, this is beautiful

  8. Dear Tonya,
    So glad you had a mom who showed you how beautiful home could be, and I am sorry about what you experienced with your dad – I don’t know the details but reading behind your words…and I am so happy you have a “home that is more than a house.” So lovely and what a blessing 🙂

  9. Love this post! And the question if you would know how to make a home–really beautiful.

  10. I have found it hard to make a home, I learned so much from the women living well make your home a haven challenge, that was fun 🙂 Have a blessed weekend. Returning the love. Tara.

    • Friend? You must tell me more about this challenge. I am intrigued. Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the web.{Hugs}

  11. Thanks for your comment, Tonya 🙂
    I don’t know how to reply to your post! Sorrow, thankfulness (for what your mom showed you), and laughing at how homey writing by candlelight must be! And to think you wondered if you’d know how! Also, curiosity at the grape crate bookshelves. You know, that sounds very Pinteresty now! 🙂

    • Your words are perfect friend… just perfect… Grape crates are generally large wooden crates that are used by vineyards – I think, like many things, over the years – they don’t make them like they used to… I have seen some pretty sturdy ones!! I never even thought about grape crates and Pinterest… Hmmmmm! {Hugs}

  12. Your home sounds delightful!

    Janelle Marie

  13. I truly loved reading this friend. It was beauty. I relate so totally to these words. Home has not always been a soft place for me. I long for that. Long to create it with my own two hands. What a great read. I look forward to meeting you at Allume, squeeel

    • Jessica – Thank you for stopping by here – and Allume? It is going to be awesome and hugging you neck knowing what God has put together for you – will be like hugging miracle.

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