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You’ve seen these past few weeks that I have been dedicating one blog post a week to Compassion and the children and I thank you for your overwhelming response.  I know of at least one child who has received a sponsorship through this event.   Compassion has done amazing work for the last 60 years and has been recognized as one of the leading Christian child development organizations.   “Compassion is committed to eliminating the root causes of poverty for children around the globe.” 

That  is quite the task, the elimination of poverty. There are those who might look at such an organization with cynicism and mistrust.  “How could we possibly address the issues of poverty – the attempts are futile the money involved, a waste?”   There are even more who might say “why should we give to the poor in another country when child poverty in Canada is still so prevalent?”  While we take the time to ask those questions and to circle the wagon of our arguments another child dies, another child is drinking from the same water source where livestock bathe and graze and yet another child is not even granted one breath on this earth as they slip from the cocoon of their mother’s womb too early due to the lack of pre-natal health. 

In the year 2012 where, with a few keystrokes, a plethora of media is available and we find poverty entring into our living rooms and dining rooms with regularity.  Poverty is no longer relegated to the infomercials- yes you know the ones of which I speak – in the wee hours of the morning when almost no one is watching or caring. In the last 10 years social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter dare us daily to ignore the plight of children worldwide.  So is the goal of the elimination of poverty a lofty one?  You bet, but is that child – yes the one you see in your mind’s eye right now- worth it?  The answer is an even more resounding yes.  In this day and age we can no longer relate to poverty as over there – we live in a “glocal” community and you can be assured that what happens in Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, and the Horn of Africa affects the way that we live our lives here in Canada.  And what of our own children, the Canadian ones who daily go to school with no food in their bellies, no warm clothes to cover their shoulders?  The ones who will get a rough start on education and struggle to reach childhood milestones due to poverty?  Help them.  Get on the internet and find out how you can help your local community keep our children strong and healthy.

Poverty is not about geography.  It’s about suffering, it is about “… the total absence of opportunities, accompanied by high levels of undernourishment, hunger, illiteracy, lack of education, physical and mental ailments, emotional and social instability, unhappiness, sorrow and hopelessness for the future. Poverty is also characterized by a chronic shortage of economic, social and political participation, relegating individuals to exclusion as social beings, preventing access to the benefits of economic and social development and thereby limiting their cultural development.”United Nations.  And we have been commanded to sacrifice (Matthew 19:21) by the One who sacrificed everything to care for the poor. 

So today for those of you who already support a child(ren) I want to direct you to a way that you can get the word out there.  I want to challenge you to use social media for the purpose taking one step – one step closer to the eradication of poverty using one of the newest form of available to us – Pinterest.    Compassion is running an event called “My Sponsored Child Pinterest Contest”  and the information can be found here on how to participate.   If you don’t yet have a sponsored child I would gently encourage you to visit this page – here you will be introduced to hundreds of children waiting to receive what you have to give.   And the prizes for this contest?  They’re not for you!!!  They are for your sponsored child!  Now this is a contest I can get behind.  So happy “pinning” – you’ll love it I promise!


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