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I am linking up with Crystal Stine today.  Where we share the story behind the pixels, beyond what the lens captures.  Sometimes the stories are messy and sometimes there is an otherworldly beauty that comes from knowing there is more to the story.  Won’t you join me?  There is some certain bravery in these written words. Stories that are worth your time.

The Photo
 She had spent ten years abroad, with little more than the dirt of a foreign land in terra cotta.  The planters lined her apartment patio like wishful thinking.  And, at the end of those years she longed for home and the soil in which it was rooted.
It’s like the earth waited for her.  Waited for her hands to plunge into the loamy soil and turn and dig and for her sweat to water the ground.  It’s like the earth knew that beauty could only be pulled through the darkness of dirt by her coaxing. Her hand, birthing life full of blossom and bloom, rich and vibrant in colour through adversity.
My mother’s garden is an oasis.  And to say that she has a gift is one of the world’s largest understatements.  My mother’ gets this.  She understand what it takes to bloom.  She knows that weather, soil contents and weeds can impede growth and stunt beauty. Her garden, the beauty that you see there is an extension of her heart. She knows that.
And when we gather in this place.  The kids and the dogs.  When we gather here it’s like being wrapped in the cocoon of her arms.  Each fragrant bloom a testament of her desire to plant deep in each of our lives.  

The Purple Cone Flowers with their sturdy stems understands the strength necessary to hold its beautiful bloom high above the ground.
The wispy Cosmos, their riot of colour, pinks and purples and crimsons understand that a little sway, some give and take is necessary to withstand the stronger winds. 
The softness of the Lamb’s Ear, understands the importance of touch, as each downy leaf dares you to pass your fingers over its soft surface.
The Delphinium, with each cobalt blue flower, understands that beauty is layered, each petal necessary to make a tall and lovely masterpiece. 
The Lady’s Mantle, the leaves like an open palm that catches the rain, understands that tears shed should be gathered, cherished for the sake of the story that bid them fall. 
My mother’s garden is a healing place.  It is a heart place.  It is home. 
Note:  My mom is a beautiful gardener and a fabulous photographer.  The pictures the Cosmos and the Lady’s Mantle are from her collection.  The others are file pictures.


  1. Seriously, Tonya!?!? Your words never cease to amaze me, friend. How I love how you can pull me in, wrap me up and speak such beauty to my heart!! I wish I could meet your mom and give her a huge hug, because even just through these pictures, I feel such warmth and tenderness! Love love love this post — but I don’t think there’s any post of yours that I don’t love. πŸ˜‰

    • Vanessa… you bless friend with your kind words. And my mom is amazing and she gives the best HUGS ever… but for now a cyber one will have to do {hug}

  2. Anonymous

    Although it’s true,I put my heart into my garden, when my heart feels the drought and is impeded by weeds it is my children, grandkids and grandpuppies that put life back into my heart. My garden would be nothing without them….it is for them that I endeavor to make this oasis.
    Thank you Tonya for your kind words.
    Annon Mom.

  3. Beautiful words and pictures!

  4. Oh, friend, I just love this. Your words are beautiful…and so is your heart. Your mama sounds like an amazing person. Blessings and happy Tuesday to you!

    • Mel… thank you for your sweet words… and my mom is amazing… Happy Tuesday to you too friend.

      PS Good for you for putting up your Blog FB page – proud of you.

  5. When I grow up I want to write like you. To have the words that tell a story and pulls the reader in, touches the heart and refreshes. Thank you for sharing.

    • Amy… *blushing here… You have been a source of encouragement and blessing to me friend… every word you write over at your space and here have touched my heart… you need to know that friend… you are a light on a hill.

  6. That’s just beautiful, both the garden and your description of it. I’ve always wanted to be a gardener but I can just barely scrape by with my little vegetable garden. I’ve never really attempted flowers but one day, when we have the dream house, I’m going to make a little English garden oasis in a corner of the back yard.

    • And yet another reason why we may have been separated at birth… English Garden?? Yes please… I’ll add it to my wish list as well!

  7. “The Delphinium, with each cobalt blue flower, understands that beauty is layered, each petal necessary to make a tall and lovely masterpiece.” — isn’t this so true of all of us?! Each part of our story, layers and scars and all, make us who we are…and a beautiful masterpiece created by the hand of God!! Such beautiful descriptive writing friend! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you friend… for stopping by here and leaving these sweet words…so glad that it spoke to you “beautiful” friend.

  8. What a beautifully worded post! You are a great writer! Visiting from Behind the Scenes and Hearts on Guard’s Facebook page. Have a great day!

    • Sarah… I am so glad that you took the time to come here – it is so lovely to meet you! Thank you for your sweet words friend. Blessings.

  9. So much Beauty gathered up here in one place…

    Love you, friend!
    (Now I am off to sit in my little garden for a few to drink it in! Thanks for the reminder!)

  10. Your words are always beautiful Tonya and your mother’s garden sounds like an amazing place. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Beautiful πŸ™‚ ..and inspiring for my guest post πŸ˜‰

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