A Letter to my Daughter on International Day of the Girl

A letter to my Daughter on International Day of the Girl…

You are one of the strongest women I know.  You have doggedly and fiercely followed your heart, your dreams and your convictions; without apology or compromise. You stand strong in a world that doesn’t see women as equal and you’ve found a way to ignore the stereotypes of who or what society says you should be.

In an age where women are exploited, discriminated against and forced into paid silence to hush up wrongs done to them you, my darling, are a beacon on hill.

My prayer, my hope, is that your light will always shine in its own inimitable way. I pray daily for a time when you,  and other amazing young women like you, are never treated as different because of your gender. I pray that you will always know your value and worth and that no person would seek to extinguish your brightness.

I pray that you will never know what it’s like to have your opinion discounted because you are a woman or be told that you can’t do/be/accomplish something for that very same reason.

I pray that those who come in and out of your life treat you with the respect and support you deserve.

I pray daily for your safety, but should you ever come to harm, I pray for the day when your voice will be heard and your story will be be heard and not justified or qualified with structural narratives of oppression that permeate our society.

Today my daughter is a day to celebrate, and I do! I celebrate you and all you are.

Today however, is also a day to be vigilant, and to be aware of the subversive ways in which women from all around the world are treated differently because they share the name WOMAN.

Today is a day when we can use our collective voice to say: NO MORE! No more policies that undermine our achievements, our health, our well-being. NO MORE acceptance of the violation of our bodies, our minds because of the structural inequalities of power and oppression.

Be you my darling, as you always have been, and never apologize because you are a girl.

I love you!


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