A Constant Battle {Worry v. Control}

Always be joyful.  Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

I am a worrier by nature.  That and control freak have often been the names to which I answer. 

I don’t intentionally slap on the “Hello my name is…” name tag when it comes to these but fear always has a way of writing these names in indelible marker and clapping my chest with that sticker.  And with the force of its weight I stumble and generally fall.

And here is the thing about worry and control.  They are two sides of the same coin.  Choose one and the other will invariably show up.

Choose worry and control creeps in and begins to take over.  Making decisions on the fly because people… this situation NEEDS to be contained.  Right?  And with our fist-clenched-tight control we often don’t see the slow train wreck as our carefully (okay maybe not so carefully) executed plans slide of the rails, and head us straight into disaster.

Choose control and worry begins to eat away at the carefully constructed mask of stoicism .  “I’ve got this,” you say.  “I’m going to show this situation who’s boss…”  And, before you know it you’re twirling in exhaustion while trying to keep all of the pieces of this doomed, from the beginning, plan held together.   

Worry, snaps your control in two and all you’re left with are shattered remnants of your dreams.  But it was all under control, right?


And it is a childish foolishness we battle – the merry-go-round ride between worry and control.  Before you know it we’re dizzy and feeling slightly queasy and often it’s then and only then that we cry out.

We beg God to take over.  Beg His forgiveness for our interference, so that we can feel as if our life is not spinning madly.   And all of this because we simply Can. Not. Let. Go.

The way I see it God asks for three things from us as we follow His will.

Joy, prayer and thanksgiving


Planning.  Scheming. Calendar Checking. Pacing. List Making. 

Nope.  THREE things.

Joy. Prayer. Thanksgiving.

I don’t know about you friends but I would rather live in the centre of God’s will doing these than trying to find my horse on this crazy merry-go-round of life under my own steam.  I would most definitely rather.

Stop the ride… I WANT OFF!


  1. I’m up early this morning and caught this just as it went to press. From one control freak to another, I have to say that I’ve found control is only an illusion anyway. I can *think* I’m handling a situation but Who’s ultimately in control? It’s not me. It’s so much easier and wiser to concede control to the One who knows how it’s going to end up anyway, so why don’t I do that more often? Great question.

    Love this especially: “God asks for three things from us as we follow His will: Joy, prayer and thanksgiving.” Have a marvelous day, friend!

    • That is a good question… isn’t it. I know I can add stubborn to that “Hello my name is…” sticker… asking God to help me check my attitude… Praying for you sister.

  2. Love this… (and yes… I have lived it from time to time as well!)

    Joy, Prayer, Thanksgiving… (It sure SEEMS easy enough, right?)

    • It sure does SEEM easy… but alas I tend to make things WAY, WAY more difficult than it needs to be. Love you friend {Hugs}

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