Who is God: Refiner

There are just some places I don’t want to go. Places that bring one to bending from the heat coming in undulating waves.   There are just some places that I’d rather not visit.   And the fire of refinement is one of them.

There is a deep and searing pain that comes with refining.  A supplication and laying low that has you wondering whether or not your bending point is actually your breaking point. There are just some places that I don’t want to go, yet God has called me, so I will go.

And I know this like I know the bones in my body.  I know this as sure as my heart beats and my lungs fill with the heat of the fire.  God has brought me to this place of refinement, of purification.  And as the Spirit stirs my soul and the flame ignites my bones the dross floats to the surface, a murky scum of waste, that God will skim off and scoop out so that what is left is pure, clean — gold.

My first instinct is run away in the other direction.  To seek the cool of shade and the ease of the status quo, but the status quo is exhausting; the pretence, the mask weighs heavy on my heart.   The calling, the laying low it is hard and it is a certain sweet pain, being kissed by the flames of the Spirit, but standing shoulder to shoulder with Christ in the fire is a far easier yoke and lighter burden than the chains of fear.

So I come to the fire with my palms open ready to receive what God has for me here. Open and ready to allow Him to take me to the place I don’t want to go.  He will take me to the place of bending, His mercy and grace providing the counterweight to my fear and doubt.

And while the fire is hot, I will not be singed, for I do not stand alone.

I stand with Him.

“I will thoroughly purge away your dross and remove all your impurities.” (Isaiah 1:25 NIV)

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