What my Allume Roomies Should Know

I’ve wanted to write this post for some time.  I’ve actually been running scenarios and sentences through my brain for several weeks.  Do I make it quippy and funny? Or, do I get down to the serious, this is what I want you to know part?  And well, the first thing you probably should know about me is, that I can’t make up my mind so I’m going with both trains of thought.

In the interest of full disclosure here are a few things that I thought you should know in the order of how they might impact you:
1.  I snore.  There’s really not much else to say to that except that I have been told I can snore loudly, very loudly.  I have actually woken myself up from my own snoring.  Bring earplugs. 
2.  I need coffee first thing in the morning.  I kid you not.  The first thing I do, even before visiting the restroom, is warm up the Keurig.  Thank goodness one of you is bringing that handy dandy machine along.  Y’all don’t want to see me with out my morning caffeine fix.  Trust me. 
3.  I am not attractive in the morning.  No.  You really need to understand this one.  My hair sticks up, out and every which way and if I’ve forgotten to take my mascara off (which has been known to happen) I look like a line backer ready for the big game.  You may want to avert your eyes. 
4.  I am not overly modest. I don’t need to lock myself in the bathroom to change my pants or my shirt. So I will attempt to make sure that not everyone feels the same and try and remember this. 
5.  When I am excited or nervous I get giddy AND I talk A LOT – throw something at me please if I get annoying. 
6.  It is a guarantee that I will cry at least once or twice a day.  And when we sit down to hear Ann Voskamp speak it is likely that I will bawl through the whole thing – I am speaking from past experience on this one.  
7.  Related to previous: I am an ugly crier – I am so not joking here.  I will most likely snot ALL over your shirt if you come in for a hug to console or comfort me.  Pack extra shirts. 
8.  I love chocolate, Biscoff and Nutella.  ‘Nuff said. 
9.  I am blind as a bat without my glasses or contacts.  I need to know that my glasses are within reach when I get up in the morning.  Seriously, I have some anxiety over not being able to see.  Letting you know this one just in case they fall on the floor in the middle of night.  There may be panic until they can be found. 
10.  I can get grumpy when I’m hungry.  I call it “hangry”  so if you notice this around meal/snack times please shove some food in my mouth so I don’t say something I’ll regret. 
There you have it.  Hopefully you’re not changing your mind about wanting room with me!  
And while those things may be important for you to know here is what I really want you to know:
1.  I am convinced that God has placed all three of you in my life for a purpose and I am so excited to see how He is going to work through all of us. 
2.  I pray for you all daily, even now, that God would show you that He pursues you with a passion.  Allume is not an accident.  There are going to be moments of holiness that only He, working behind the scenes, can orchestrate.  I am believing that for all of us.
3.  Even though we have yet to meet face to face y’all are my soul sisters.  We have been stitched together in the One that brings commonality to our relationship – Christ. 
4.  You have my word that when things press close at Allume – and it will happen, holy things are going to happen – I will be there.  Holding your hand, praying for you, passing the chocolate or whatever you need. 
5.  I have never been more excited to meet 3 people in all of my life.  Never.  I mean if you were to line up my top 5 celebrities they wouldn’t hold a candle to you lovelies.  Not even close. 
And those, my friend,  are the things that I want you to know.  We are 11 weeks away from Allume and I can. not. wait. 
How about you?  Anything what would you want your roommate to know? 

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