What I Wish for You in 2014 – Coffee for Your Heart

Today I’m beginning a New Link up with Holley Gerth called Coffee for Your Heart.   I just love the idea behind this series because it’s all about YOU!!  If you need a little encouragement, if your day needs a little brightening, let this be your stop on Wednesday mornings! And the best part is that everyone can be part of this amazing series.  Won’t you join us for the link-up here? 

Okay, now grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you what I wish for you in 2014. 

Dear Friend,

We always start our New Years’ with resolutions.  We write countless lists, tack goals to our refrigerators, post-its to our kitchen cabinets reminding us of all the things that we promised ourselves in the coming year.  And, while resolutions are great starting points, and list makers sure know how to get things done, what I wish for you in 2014 goes beyond what you write on paper. 

I wish that you would see that you are loved.  Yes, you! LOVED  Just the way you are.  God made you for a purpose and even though there are days when you’re not sure what that is never doubt for a minute that God holds your future in the palm of His hands. 

I wish that you would see that you shine. BRIGHT!  And that you shouldn’t be afraid of how you sparkle.  A friend of mine drew me a little picture this past year of stars glittering in the night sky and this is what she wrote around the edges:

“The stars don’t ask permission to shine.  They do what they were designed to do, not questions, no fears, no doubts.  Shouldn’t we?” 

I wish that you would see God in your everyday.  MIRACLE!  It doesn’t matter if you’re standing over a sink full of dishes for upmteenth time, or whether or not today is the day your child’s tummy decides to revolt and you’ve emptied your twentieth puke pail.  It doesn’t matter if  you spend the morning in your jammies with candles lit and laundry piled in corners because MIRACLE is happening all around you. 
I wish you could see you as God sees you.  BEAUTIFUL! Sure that messy bun and those breakfast encrusted yoga pants look anything but.  Sure you look like sleep is something that you never get. Ever. But you still are.  BEAUTIFUL.  Because your living life.  Everyday you choose to live your life to the outer edges and that my friend is glory right there. 
I wish you could see that there are so many people are cheering you on. Because TOGETHER is always better.  Benches were made for more than one person so be BRAVE, take a seat and find someone with whom to share you hopes and dreams.  And if you need a shoulder to cry on?  That’s okay too, benches built with love and friendship are sturdy, they can handle the weight of your tears. 
This year instead of making lists, open your eyes and SEE.  You are LOVED, BRIGHT, MIRACLE, BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE.  So let’s do 2014 TOGETHER! 

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