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I haven’t done a weekend link up in a couple of weeks so I wanted to be sure that I took the time to share some of my favourite posts from the past few weeks.  Will you join me in reading this awesomeness?

I just love Kris Camealy’s words.  They are soothing and full of life.  Here she challenges us to lean in hard on Him and become singularly focused. Her post Circling the Saviour was beautifully written

For the past two weeks I have been involved with a new link up with I am Just One Girl.  In her Chasing History series we are exploring women in the Bible, learning from them and understanding them better in the context of their time. You should really check out some of the posts bravely offered here – Chasing History – It Just Takes One

I’ve discovered a new writing friend.  His style just speaks to me.  Comfortable, relaxed and stripped of all pretenses.  He is also a huge fan of Ernest Hemingway.  Here is a poignant post on what it might have been like if he could spend some time with Hemingway in the here and now.  If I Could Meet Him was written over a year ago – but it is so worth sharing here. 

So this post by Lisa-Jo Baker is a few weeks old but it really spoke to me.  It’s written for new moms, a letter of encouragement and a validation of that roller coaster of emotions, recognition of the up and down days that come with a newborn clinging to your side.  While the baby-stage is no longer part of my life it did make me realize that I can do better at encouraging new moms.  For the Desperate New Mom Who Thinks She’s Crazy Alone is such an inspiring read.

This next one is from my Allume Roomie One Rebel Heart.  It was a post written for a link up called Behind the Scenes hosted by Crystal Stine.  In this post my friend takes a moment to tell us about her mom – so beautiful – Behind the Scenes: Meet Mom

I hope you enjoy this version of Weekend Web.  Hoping to get some great reads to you next week. 

Happy Weekend Friends!!!

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  1. Thanks for posting these! Love to see what other people are reading!!

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