Weekend Web

I made a point this week of visiting blogs that I’ve never been to.  Can I tell you that there is all kinds of beauty on the internet?  Can I encourage you friends, to take a moment and explore words, pictures, songs and videos that you haven’t seen yet.  You never know, God might have the unexpected waiting just for you. 

Humble Pie by Jen Mguni 

Jesus in the  Church by Seth Haines

There are women on the field right now living the life I just described and the Church has made them into superheroes, but reality is that they are reluctant grace needy strugglers who need buckets of encouragement. 

Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin 

This song off of Chris Tomlin’s newest album Burning Lights had me in tears this week.  Turn it up loud friend and let it speak to you. 

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread 

And my Instagram Pick this week is this reminder that God Provides for our needs daily!  The results from three zucchinis that were pulled from our garden. 

Have a blessed weekend friends 

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