Voices in the Desert – Crooked Christmas

Today I am joining my friend Kirsten for her Voices in the Desert Advent Series, a collection of daily advent musings from some very brave and beautiful writers.  Just click on the button to the right and you too read about the heart of Christmas.

By this time I’m usually wild with excitement – the house is full of the smells of Christmas and at least some of the presents are wrapped and under the tree.  Yet, this year, I’ve been forced to make it all take a backseat.

That’s your life when you’re a student mom.  It’s your life when exams and papers and assignments stretch you out to the fringes of the holidays.

At first this forced slowness, this forced waiting had me riddled with anxiety.  When will I get the baking done?  The shopping done?  The stockings hung?  The garland up?  The tree trimmed?

When. When. When. 

With every crooked twist of the garland, every winding meander through the malls, the countless stop lights on busy streets I feel my heart has lost it’s way on the journey to Bethlehem.  When I take a minute to find my way back to the manger and the Christ child lying in such lowly a state I can feel the pulse of what Christmas has become slow into what it really should be. 

I can see how God has used my forced waiting as a slowing down, a steady contraction of the heart wrapped in giving birth to the truth of Advent – awaiting the coming King.

My heart turns. 

My heart turns to another time, on dusty road, in the thick of night.  There were no heralds along the road to Bethlehem.  There were no glitzy bows or twisted garland to point the way.  The road was dark and dangerous with nothing but a blanket of stars to welcome the King of Kings into the City of David.

And, when that Child was born, when His mother, her back bowed and arched, pushed a tiny babe into a waiting world, all of the sudden that road that just hours before seemed dangerous and crooked, straightened with the promise of redemption and hope. 

The crooked made straight because God promised that He will brighten the darkness before them   and smooth out the road ahead of them.”

The crooked straight and the rough places plain. 

The Advent journey is not about the twisted garland, or the wrapped up presents. The Advent journey is about the uncompromising, unconditional and sacrificial love of a God who made straight the way to Him through His son. 

The journey isn’t about the quickest way to get to your destination. It isn’t about the short cut or the winding through the back roads.  It’s about the plodding down the straight path.

It’s in the plodding, the straining, and the laboring where you can fee the pulse of His heartbeat leading you home to Him. 

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