I am sitting down to write today with a little trepidation because the words I feel Him saying to me seem audacious and somewhat counter intuitive.  Praying for grace as I wrestle with these things that God has placed on my heart.

It feels risky, bold and perhaps even just a little scary.

Have you ever heard a word and know that God meant it for you?  Have you ever felt your heart actually skip a beat as truth slams hard into your chest with a blow?

I heard a preacher man yesterday.  An Australian fellow – and it was more than just his amazing accent that had me perched with my ears wide open.  I heard him in an arena where three thousand youth raised the roof in deafening praise.  And as these young hearts beat passion for Jesus, as only young hearts can, I felt the hairs on my arms raise when I heard these words:

                “I want you to stop praying ‘Jesus, break my heart,’ instead I want you to pray for a heart transplant”

And as the audacity of those words settled somewhere between irritation and tell me more – I couldn’t stop listening to what he was saying. 

My first reaction was to cite chapter and verse why his theology was off.  Of course I want to be broken, I course I want God to churn me up and shatter my preconceived notions of this world and His place in it.  Don’t I?

Yes… and no.

We often ask Jesus to break us and when we are broken we recognize our weakness and often, instead of giving way to the Healer we give into fear.  Fear that has us scrounging for shards of our brokenness and piecing them back together with our strength.  And this has me wishing for more.

I would rather be empty. 

I would rather that God remove my heart from this fragile vessel and replace it with His instead.

I am weak.  I am stubborn, selfish and petulant.  Most days I feel failure reach out and begin to wrap my faith in darkness.  So most days, in an attempt at some semblance of order and control I try and “fix” my own brokenness.

Most days.

On those days however,  the days that I ask God to save me, when I cry out to Him to remove my stony and stubborn heart and replace it with one of softness, one that beats love (See verse on my header), on those days I feel full to the brim.  Full to overflowing, only to have Him tip me out and over and complete the process all over again – A heart transplant.  A renewing.  Salvation every single day.  And for that I need Him and only Him.

                “Indeed, God is ready to help you right now.  Today is the day of salvation.” – 2 Cor. 6:2b

Salvation is not a onetime shot.  It’s not a moment that should be catalogued, pinned, tweeted, posted, scrapbooked or hoarded.  No, it’s a choice – Every day it is a choice to stand before Jesus and declare, yet again, your willingness to serve Him. 

“Today is the day of salvation”   As is tomorrow and every day from this moment forward.

Today is the day I declare Christ as my solid rock and allow Him to replace my heart with His.

Today and…
                                Every day





  1. So Much Amen!!! Love you friend!

  2. And me too. Every day we have to choose salvation. Thank you x

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