The One Word I’d Like to Give Back


I’m not very good at it.  I’m an impatient sort.  Nothing moves fast enough for me.  Nothing.

The grocery store line.  The car in front of me. My computer booting up.  All of it has me stomping my foot in impatience, each tap of my toe a metronome counting out out the frantic rhythm of my day. 

When the word presses on my heart, my One Word for the year, whispers softly I try and push it back, I try and give it back.  Really??  Wait?? 

I can hear God knocking on my heart with this word and even now as I write this sentence I can feel Him setting the metronome of my heart to a different rhythm.

Slower. Steadier. Wait.

If nothing in my life moves fast enough for me then there are days when God seems to move with interminable slowness.  Generally this has me running headlong into my own agenda and I quickly clutter up the slow and unhurried with the fast and frenetic.  The beat of life moving so quickly I can not feel the slow and steady pulse of a rhythm that rests in Him. 


There’s that word… WAIT.

I’m terrified of waiting.  What if I doze off and miss something important?  What if my waiting leaves m,e stuck with wanting?  What if I can’t wait?


I’m not very good at it.

Yet, God has a plan, there is a purpose in being an intentional wait-er.  There is a focus that comes when we slow time down, when we slow the frantic down with waiting for Him.



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