The Myth of Bigger

There is no such thing as bigger.  There is only enough.  
I know I’m guilty of thinking that this person is bigger and that person has more followers than I do.  That if only I do that and tweak this, that I too can be bigger. Once I get my book published or once I hit send on August’s monthly newsletter – in October – I will be bigger. 
And just this weekend while at Allume God called me on my notion of bigger.  Bigger connotes that you are less than.   Bigger feeds doubts and fears.  Bigger is the skirmish before the battle of comparison and we will lose that battle, always, when our worth is wrapped up in the notion of bigger.
God has called you.  Yes you and your voice.  Whether it be in speaking or writing or publishing a book that goes supernova on the New York Times Bestseller’s List.  He has called you, right where you are. There is no “bigger” in the Kingdom of God, there just is – and it is enough. 
You and me and the countless other stars are working hard to shine their very brightest and that is all that God has called us to do – shine in the unique way in which were created.   
Can we just stop?  Can we remove the word “bigger” from our vocabulary? Can we begin to see our light as the perfect gift from God, and let the notion that we were created for, “such a time as this” settle deep in our bones?

I have cupped the face of this woman, and held hands and shed tears with this one, and this one has whispered encouragement into my dreams and each one are sisters in Christ.  Each one, has days where they wish that they could go back to sleep, because the thought of facing the day has them cringing weary.  Each one, yells at their children and says an inappropriate word when they stub their toe.  Each one, faces the mirror every morning and has to beg God to show them the way because they know that they can find it on their own. 
Each one, is just like you and me.  Enough
We are enough – for such a time as this. 
Let’s move past the stats and the followers and the Tweets and status updates and Pinterest perfection and hold hands with our sisters.  Because, all of us together, shine bright and we are…


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