Surprised by Motherhood {A Book Review}

It isn’t often that book draws me like a moth to a flame.  It’s not often that I find it next to impossible to separate myself from the couch after sinking into words. It’s been a rare occasion that I issue instructions about dinner to my husband and son from my perch beneath the blanket because I. Just. Can. Not. Put. It. Down. 

But this book was different, it is different.  Every page was like light, bright and stunning.  Every chapter was like a gravitational pull that kept me centered in its goodness.

As the mother of  18 year old and a 20 year old I thought my days of reading books about motherhood were long gone.  To be honest, I thought reading anything about motherhood at this point was sort of like arriving on Sunday to a party that actually happened on Saturday. Too little, too late.  

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  From the moment I first read Lisa-Jo’s words on her Blog I knew that my heart had heard a rhythm that it needed to hear.  Somehow God used the words of a mama to Littles to heal the heart of a mama to Bigs. 

Surprised by Motherhood is everything my heart felt at the time when I was trying to navigate the puke and the dirty diapers and the new landscape of a heart that God had given me in my kids.  It was everything I felt, but never had the guts to speak out loud.

Somewhere along the journey I learned to cover up the storm with “I’m fine,” when really, I wasn’t, I was drowning in a sea of would’ves, could’ves, should’ves. 

So yesterday in the light of her words, God showed up.  And her writing, so much like her glorious South African lilt, flowed with an easy grace into the cracks and caverns leftover from the guilt of all I thought I had done wrong in the raising of my children.  It flowed and it settled and it healed. 

So it doesn’t surprise me that late last night after turning the last page I crawled out of bed, whispered a well done to the author on Twitter and then promptly sat in my office, laid my head down on my desk and cried until I couldn’t cry any more. I cried until, for the first time in this long journey of motherhood, I felt whole. 

My words here seem so inadequate, so lame compared to the goodness you will find in its pages.  So go and buy it. {PSA: You will get nothing else done once you crack its spine AND you will need boxes of Kleenex}.

Man, woman, mother, father, daughter, son… it doesn’t matter who reads it – it needs to be read.

The story is Lisa-Jo’s, but the eternal echo of our Creator is weaving His spirit through her story into our story and it’s one we all need to hear. 

Where to Buy It

Amazon (US)                                  
Amazon (CAN)
Indigo Books (CAN)

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