Stay – Five Minute Friday

Stay.  Can I do it?  Can I stay on this narrow path that has my knuckles scraping the walls of this existence that feels hard and dreary.  Can I stay and lean in close to Him?  Close enough to hear the whisper of Him calling my name. 

Can I stay and drown out the incessant whining and resentment that fills my heart and pounds ferocious in my chest. Will staying silence my cries of wishing for more?  Can I stay close to God?  Can I stay and trust?  Trust that His path is the only path.  Trust that “every good and perfect gift” comes from Him and that everything in my life is for His intended glory?

Can I look past the heaps of laundry and dishes piling and overflowing onto counter tops and know a peace that is beyond comprehension that He has it all under His control. My steps, my days, my relationships, this crazy dream to tap words on keys – all of it is HIS

Can I slow time down and stay in thanksgiving, count it all as joy?  Can I just stay and not run headlong into my own crazy thoughts about how to “fix this” or “do that” or “maybe this path is better than that.”


Linking up with LisaJo Baker in for Five Minute Friday – women fearlessly and bravely writing unedited – I love Friday.


  1. There is joy in so much! The changing leaves falling to the ground, the smells of autumn, the fresh air that greets us when we step outside in the morning. What you wrote reminds me of this: stay grounded, centered, and find peace within.

    From the one who posted after you on 5-minute-friday šŸ™‚

  2. Yes you can. You can make the choice to stay.

  3. Tonya, so glad to find your words through #FiveMinuteFriday. Your words are powerful. I can feel them bouncing around in my mind. So very true. We can stay. We can fill ourselves with so much holy spirit there is no room for anything else. Thank you!

    • So glad friend… so glad that you found me here. I am amazed daily at how the Spirit moves in my life. Everything that I encounter is for His intended purpose.

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  6. Stopping by to say hello! Love your post! Yes, staying and being still in Him opens the door for us to receive His peace concerning EVERY area of our lives! Be STILL and know that I AM God! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. The Staying with God in all things … even down to the nitty gritty of everyday like THAT laundry.
    What a great post.

    I try to do 5 minute Fridays, but with the given word this past week -I don’t know, my mind just couldn’t write.

    Blessings to you!

  8. Thank you Deanna for taking time to connect with me here. Blessings and prayers to you too friend. Praying that you can find some time to… Stay. Tonya

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