Silence (or How The Quiet Resuscitates)

I logged into WordPress tonight and I expected the proverbial tumbleweed to roll across the screen.  It’s been a quiet time in this little corner of the internet.

It’s been quiet and slightly introspective.



Words have been elusive.  Every time I sit to write there is a cursor that mocks me and dares me to write some new thought.  It dares me to write the profound, the earth shattering, the Huffington Post-worthy words.  Along with those self-imposed limitations and expectations, that black line blinks in time with my fears of not being heard and a  little bit of my joy in crafting words dies. 

So I close my laptop, pour the glass of wine and press the power on the remote and enter the mindless oblivion of Jack Bauer saving the word, yet again.

And while the world may not collapse into nuclear oblivion thanks to Mr. Bauer, my greatest fear is that – I will become oblivious. 

My nose wrinkles at the thought of my pettiness and I almost erase the words because while it’s the truth, it’s an ugly truth to be sure.

When will I learn that silence is the life support of writers? 


When will I learn that silence is not my enemy?   Silence is not preparing to enter into battle, it is but a herald, a heart-reminder to go deeper, to move in a time with God that is otherworldly.

Silence is the place where my fears meet God’s grace and out of it flows the abundance of His supply. 

When will I learn that fighting these moments where there are no words means  I can’t see that God is writing His words on my heart?  When will I learn to drink from the cup of His goodness?

You have to want to see the well before you can drink from it.  You have to want to see joy, God in the moment.” – Ann Voskamp

Dare I say that joy also means seeing God in my silence. 

There is no fear to be found where God meets me.  And when He meets me in silence He meets me with an invitation, a beckoning, to enter deeper into His presence. 

God is inviting me to lay open my heart, pull back the veil of pretense and watch Him write His words in my life. 

Silence can seem a lonely road, but this I know with certainty, I am not alone.

I welcome the quiet.

I welcome the places where I can hear God whispering His heart to mine. 


  1. Tonya, beautiful words written here. In my own life, I have been coming to find that silence is my friend. It is needed. In the silence, He restores to me all that the noise of the world depletes from my soul. May we both come to welcome the silent moment & hear Him whispering the words we need to hear. And write. Wonderful post! Blessings!

  2. “Silence is not my enemy.” Yet there is something within me that longs to fill up any periods of silence, like I’m the only one who has anything to say. Great reminder that we hear Him speak better when we’re not fighting the silence!

  3. Silence is golden, they say. And His voice is called that still quiet voice…
    I enjoy silence myself, but sometimes question it’s purpose and feel lonely.
    Have to remind myself that silence doesn’t equate alone-ness, or anything negative.


  4. Becoming easier with the silence these days but love that we need to find JOY in it too. Thanks for the encouragement to see how God is working even in the silence. Much love, sweet friend!

  5. Sometimes there is most definitely a purpose in the silence. : )

  6. Kathryn Shirey

    Ah, silence! So important – especially for writers as we try to form thoughts and string together words. But, also when we can most hear the negative voices trying to beat us down.

  7. I love the quiet, where my mind can go down rabbit holes – all the way to the end, un-interrupted – and somewhere along that rabbit hole, in the quiet, I invite Him – and – those whisperings, turn into conversations! Praying God’s love letters fill your quiet!

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