Past Reflections {Psalm 105}

Today I am guest posting at my friend Katie’s.  I am joining a group of beautiful soul sisters in community as we share our hearts and reflections in the Psalms.  Won’t you Join us?
 The Psalms Series

There is a powerful connection in stories that are passed down from generation to generation.  Babes in arms who hear the echoes of promises whispered while nursing at their mother’s breasts.  Wide-eyed children settling on their father’s knees listening to a recounting of a history, a legacy that is handed from Father to son, to son, to son and so on.

Psalm 105 is just that, it is a remembering.  David is reminding the Israelites that part of seeking God can be found by looking at the past.  The past often provides us the clearest vision for the future and in this case it is about how God saved, maintained and held the right hand of His people.

“Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.  Let the whole world know what he has done… think of the wonderful works He has done, the miracles and the judgments he handed down.” Psalm 105: 1 & 5

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  1. This is just a wonderful piece of writing, friend! I love how you tell the stories of hardship, and then return to their glorious endings. God doesn’t just send us through periods of difficulty-He did it with some of the best-known people in the Bible too. Let me tell you, this is really encouraging this morning!

    • Jen- I’m so glad that these words spoke to you! So, so glad! It’s been a learning curve this season to be sure… learning that God is in our difficulties as well. {hugs}

  2. As I told you before, this post preaches! Love it and am so thankful for you being a part of the Psalms Series.:)

    On a side note I love the ease of use with the Gleam system for the giveaway today- so nice.:)

  3. Finally getting a chance to visit your lovely new site, Tonya!! 🙂

    Love the blessings that come from remembering our great Savior and the gifts he bestows daily… you are one of those gifts! 🙂

    • Julie – come on in sweet friend and sit right down. I would love nothing more than to sit down with you tomorrow and share a cup of tea as we count our gifts together!


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