On Standing Still



“Don’t be afraid.  Just stand where you are and watch the LORD rescue you.”  Exodus 14:13 NLT

Just think for a moment what it might be like if we stopped striving.  Think how we might actually find freedom in how Christ made us if we could acquiesce to our inability to actually accomplish more, do more in our lives.  

It would seem counter-intuitive, I know, to stand still when you feel like all the armies of earth are bearing down on you – much like the Israelites must have felt in the desert so long ago.

Angry, grieving Egyptians were coming at them from one side and on the other was the vast waters of the Red Sea.  Seems somewhat impossible doesn’t it?



Their choices seemed so limited; be slaughtered or swim and most likely drown. If I close my eyes I can imagine the scene that would have played out.  I can almost smell the fear and the doubt would have been palpable.  I can almost hear the complaining and hysterical shouts to Moses and Aaron “Why did you bring us out here to die in the wilderness…?” (v.11)

And then Moses declares “Stand still!”

Wait.  What?  Still?

To stand still, to wait means devastation, destruction, death.

Doesn’t it?

How many times do we feel we must DO something when we face challenges or difficult circumstances?

It goes against every fibre of our being – the waiting.   The more I settle in with this notion of standing still the more I begin to understand that there may be some logic in holding fast.

Go back to the wilderness with me for a moment.  Can you imagine the chaos that would have ensued had Moses not commanded the people to “stand still?”  If the Israelites had attempted to fight or even flee, the casualties would have been numerous and, at the very least, it may have meant their return to Egypt and oppression.

A return to their past.

How many times do I sense God freeing me from the chains of my past, or relieving my anxiety only to witness me running head long into them again?  For some reason I should be doing something, fixing something, or fighting back, for some reason standing still doesn’t make sense when the impossible reaches up and grips me with fear.

And this incessant voice in my head that has me running circles of doing rather than holding fast in prayer often makes me lose my mind and my temper and I let loose angry words at those I love the most.   Like a grumbling Israelite I am looking for someone, anyone to rescue me.

In my search for salvation I lose sight of my greatest Defender, my Rock and I lash out in anger because standing still will mean I have lost.


What if standing still isn’t about defeat?





What if the best way to move through life’s hardest moments is not to move at all?

When I force myself to be still in the battle I am better able to hear and watch for God to rescue me…

“Be still and know…”  He rescues, that is how I will know.



  1. Love this. I discovered that verse (or I should say read it in a whole new way) in Exodus 2 years ago and have found such strength in that. Just stand still, God’s got this!

    • Carol,

      I just love how God continues to use His word to remind us of His purpose and plan for us… it doesn’t matter if we’ve read something once or a hundred times it always feeds us in the exact way we need to be fed.

  2. I feel like God has been drumming this into my heart for the past two and a half years, exactly how long this season of waiting has been so far. It has been so incredibly hard, much harder than I ever expected. But in this time He has been reinforcing what it means to trust, what it means to surrender, and what it means to rest in Him. Not that the waiting has gotten any easier. *wink*

    • I don’t think the waiting every gets any easier. The other thing I’ve learned about waiting is that it doesn’t mean never it just means not right now… waiting with you friend.

  3. I’d never read it before. Thank you x

  4. Great post, Tonya. “Think how we might actually find freedom in how Christ made us if we could acquiesce to our inability to actually accomplish more, do more in our lives.” I read this three times – letting it all sink in. Ok, four times. 😉 And this is a problem for me. I know I’m not the only one, but reading what you wrote gave me great perspective. I love your words!

    • Letting go without taking back… oh so hard a lesson to learn. Leaning in on Christ with you sister as we trust that Christ is sufficient.

  5. karrileea

    Oh my friend… you know how I love this! It’s so nice to have you back again! Standing with you, sister! #KeyWomen

    • It sure is good to be back friend!!! I am so grateful for you and all of the love and support and encouragement and beautiful Vox messages!!! Love you! #KeyWomen


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