New Day

Yesterday, yesterday I lost my way and my mind.  Yesterday I couldn’t see past the red haze of anger and coming right behind that was the black, misty tendrils of mal-content.

It was a vicious day, this forgetting of counting, forgetting of joy. I forgot joy as I dug up my past and the lies straight from the pit. 

And thank goodness, just thank Jesus that His mercies are so new every day.  I sat this morning with my 1000 Gifts Devotional wide open on my lap and read this “Naming these moments may change the ugly names I call myself” – Ann Voskamp.  And then I read this in Isaiah “I [God] refresh the humble and give new courage to those with repentant hearts” (Isaiah 51:15b). 

And God, He works in strange and marvelous ways, leading us to places, leading us to the next step on our path that gives us what we need the very moment we need it.  Because this morning He led me over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog where a young girl wrote her lesson about the importance of naming.

So I take this thrice blessed gift, I take it from God and put it in my heart and today I leave you with this link and a prayer that it will speak to you as it spoke to me. 

Lisa-Jo Baker       Lisa-Jo Baker’s Blog

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