Morning Grace


Sometimes my mornings are anything but graceful.   In fact most mornings it’s all I can do to stuff my arms in my ratty brown sweater and manage a cup of coffee.  It feels like I have gone months in the last year with mornings that look anything like the Instagram-ed Jesus moments my friends are experiencing.

It’s really been just too long.


It’s been too long.  Too long since I’ve met the morning with gratitude. Too long since I have allowed my spirit to settle into the silence with Him.

I’m not sure why my heart has abandoned Him.  Why my need, usually so full of longing, has dulled to almost non-existence.  Or, why this morning I felt it rise again with an urgency that had me pressing closer.


It is an urgency that has me coming empty and broken and – full of longing.  As the chill evaporates with the morning sun my thin places spread wide open to catch the words of truth.

I am suddenly so acutely aware of His presence, His nearness to me.  While my heart may have momentarily forgotten Him, He has never forgotten me.

He finds me in my quiet because He never left me.  He whispers my name over and over.  He lays His hand upon my shame-bent head and reminds me that I am His.

No matter what, I am His.


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  1. karrileea

    And He lifts your head and beckons you to look full in His face! Yes. This.

    And lookie who found her words again? So thankful, my friend!

    Love you bunches!

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