Mirror Image {Dove Soap Commercial}

When did I stop feeling beautiful?  When did I stop looking in the mirror longer than it takes me to get my hair done and not a second more because I couldn’t stand the sight of me?  When did I stop I believing that I was gorgeous?

I look in the mirror right now and I see these tired 42 year old eyes staring back at me.  Looking haggard and worn.  I see a chin that has multiplied x3  and a face that has filled out, some might call it fat.

I look in the mirror right now and see arms that I try and hide under long sleeve shirts because the flab that wobbles under my pits drives me to embarrassment.  I see breasts that have grown, despite a surgery 8 years ago to make them smaller,  and I think what a waste of time and money. 

I look in the mirror right now and see a stomach that some might mistake as pregnancy.  I see hips that are wide, that stretch the seams of my pants and  I remember the time I drove home from work to change my clothes because the thread could no longer hold the bulk.

I look in the mirror and see feet that have been riddled with pain because of one wild attempt at running that failed and failed miserably. 

That is what I see when I look in the mirror…


 I envision another reflection standing just behind me… A gentle hand on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear about being made in His image.  Fearfully and wonderfully.

Slowly the film of discontent and failure lifts like a veil from my sight. I turn and look at God, capture His gaze and right there in the depths I see my reflection through His eyes.

“Daughter don’t you know, it’s what I see with My eyes that matters and when your reflection is born out in My image it is perfect and looks like this…

Your tired and haggard eyes?  They shed the tears that I have collected.  Each sorrow crushing My heart as you laid your wounded spirit in the palm of My hand.  I cherish each one, remember each one because they brought you closer to Me and My love.

That chin?  That chin is strong and beautiful and has bore the brunt of hurtful words and taunts.  And when your faith was shaky I cupped your face in My palms and turned your eyes toward Me.  I felt each quiver in that beautiful chin as I stroked the worry from your clenched jaw.

Those arms that you call fat?  The ones that wobble to and fro?  They have known love.  They have held a lover, a helpmate and friend in the dark of night when whispered affections and a gentle caress heralded the promises of a lifetime.  Those arms welcomed new life, outstretched and waiting.   I designed the arms of a mother, I designed them just perfectly, to rest there just beneath the breast, where downy heads would nestle and nourishment could be found.   Those arms swooped up hurts and wrapped around small frames when tears would not abate.

Those breasts, sagging just a little bit?  The ones that wouldn’t stand a chance against gravity if it wasn’t for underwires and padded fabric?  It was at those breasts that your mother heart leaked in milky white and nourished a body as well as a tender soul.

Those hips and that stomach?  They stretched beyond what you ever thought possible.  And that stretch was a blossoming, the bloom of life nestled warm and watery as I formed the young souls that came from their depths.  And when your body bent double and the pleasure pain rippled across your  belly those hips and that stomach went to work, contracting and pulsing as new life unfolded from your womb.

Those feet that you curse almost every single morning?  They have run miles in servitude as you have blessed and ministered to others.   They went running to each skinned, toddler knee and to the more urgent and emergent ailments. They paced corridors of hospitals with waiting.  You have run marathons daughter – marathons of love.

So, can you not beloved, just turn around once and glance in that mirror and see you – just the way that you were meant to be seen?”

I was undone today by Dove and this video.  As you watch I pray that you will meet God in the mirror and see yourself in His reflection…




  1. I am speechless. This is perfect.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Tonya. Wow.

  3. This moved to to tears. I am so blessed our savior see’s us beyond anything we could ever see ourselves. What an awesome, loving daddy we all have

  4. Girl… you found words – and they are beautiful and precious and powerful and true! (As usual!) You can not know how much you bless me friend! You just can not know!

  5. Thank you for speaking truth into your heart, and to mine x

  6. You have truly touched my heart. Thank you for so sweetly and honestly sharing your heart with us all.

  7. Your words are beautiful, but you and your heart are breathtaking.

  8. see, I knew you would get the words out so much better than mine… sharing all over, friend!! 🙂

    • Julie Anne – girl you’ve got words! Beautiful ones! Thank you so much for sharing. It is my prayer that women will see their value and worth in His image.

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