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Hi I’m Tonya and I am so glad you’re here.  Sit down, make yourself comfy because I can tell we’re going to be friends!

This space is where I write about my life, all of it, including the parts that I sometimes try and hide under the bed.  A little over two years ago I needed to decide whether I was going to give Jesus every part of my life or walk away from a twenty year  faith that was wrapped up in pretense and and the easy lie: “I’m fine.”  In reality?  I was struggling to understand how God could love me and all of my mess and I had come to a point where I figured living in fear and doubt was the norm.

Ever so gently, God wooed me back, through words and the beauty of His creation.  I softly whispered “save me” on a hot summer afternoon and over the next several months God opened my eyes to help me see that those parts of my story I would rather keep hidden are actually part of the beauty of my life.  He showed me how each tattered and torn piece is evidence of how God loves and cares deeply for me.

Our daily sorrows are anchored in a greater sorrow and therefore a larger hope. Absolutely nothing in our lives lies outside the realm of God’s judgement and mercy.” – Henri Nouwen


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I love coffee more than I love mornings, so it goes without saying that mornings don’t happen unless coffee happens first.

Canada is my home and as a girl, I grew up in the boondocks.  Now I make my home in a small city in Southwestern Ontario.  Hockey is a particular love of mine  and I am a Montreal Canadiens fan.  And, as a hockey fan I feel that the Stanley Cup Playoffs should be considered a statutory holiday.

Currently, I  live by #studentmom because last year I quit my full-time job of nine years to pursue my dream of completing my Social Work degree.

I have been married to my best friend for over 20 years.  I have two great kids who are finding their wings in this wild and crazy world and even though I’ve been doing this mothering gig for quite some time I am constantly surprised and amazed at how my kids survived my parenting.

People are my passion.  I have an encourager’s heart and long to see people fall in love with community – online and in real life.  I am currently a co-leader for an (in)courager community group and provide weekly encouragement to other leaders of the (in)couragers community. I am also part of the Allume Conference Team and love watching God take the beauty of one weekend together in October and multiply it in our lives over the course of a year.

It is my belief  that your story is the music my story needs to hear.

So won’t you come and share in this space?