Making a Difference

So. Here’s the thing about making a difference — it doesn’t have to be huge.  It doesn’t have to involve jumping on an airplane and travelling half way around the world.

Oh that’s exciting to be sure, to meet God’s people, to hug necks, to walk on the same dirt and to look into people’s eyes and see just who they were meant to be. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re standing over your sink, bustling one more load of the never-ending pile we call laundry, you’re picking up the last of the clutter and right now, in this season, you’re making your lists and checking them twice to prepare for the holidays.  You’re filling your task list and in the back of your mind you’re wondering what can I change, what can I do to make a differences. 

What If I told you that you could go to Kenya today?  What If I told you that you could take flight and land in the hearts of 12 young girls who live in Kenya?

You see making a difference doesn’t mean you have to go to Kenya, or Uganda, or South Africa.  And it is a lie to believe that the only way to make change, to be the change, to rise up for such at time as this is to traverse oceans, scale mountains, and walk through deserts.

What if I told you that its already been done?   What if I told you that the blood has been shed and the sacrifice made?  What if I told you that all you have to do is open wide to receive it?  All you need to do is open your palm and receive what has already been given to you and that once you receive it you’ll only want to give it away?  Give away all that has been given from an open palm.

And, what if I told you that when you unfurl those fingers and your palm is open to the gifts He has given you that Africa is only an arms length away?  What if I told you that you could build a house, one that blooms Mercy right out of Africa’s red dirt?  What if I told you that we could build a house through the seemingly small of a week’s worth of lattes?  

We can build a house, for twelve young mamas, and their tiny babes, simply by un-clenching our fists and seeing the possibilities of Christ. 

You mama, you can be the gift.  Yes you, the one who wonders how to make this world a better place and thinks that touching your feet on a foreign land is the only way to do that.  You can make the difference simply by giving from what you already have.  Trust me when I tell you that hearts will be filled and lives will be changed — even yours. 

So won’t you help me build a house?  Because God has already done some crazy miracle stuff and this project is over half funded.  But let’s build a house by Christmas Day okay?  Let’s build a house for twelve young mamas to keep their babes safe. 

What is (in)Mercy. 

(in)Mercy is a 5 phase project that Dayspring/(in)Courage started to change the lives of young, single mothers in Kenya who live at Mercy House.  So far we have purchased a second vehicle and a generator.  We’ve built a computer lab and a classroom so these young mamas can continue to learn.  And the last phase is the 2nd home so that more girls can be helped off the streets of Kenya to raise their children.  Please take a moment to visit here and read more.  Also in case you missed it the first time, you can donate to Mercy House by visiting Pure Charity. 

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