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That mirror, it doesn’t tell you things that you should know.  When you look at it you see all of the doubt, the fear and the insecurities.  When you look you find that wrinkle or the hair on your chin – you know the one I mean the one your tweezers and roaming eye missed in your morning routine – the one that is curling long below your jaw.


When you look at that mirror you see the flubs and the flabs, the eyes with the bags that could carry your groceries home.   When you look in that mirror fear, white eyed fear looks right back.  Fear about the day, the challenges, the unknown and the disappointments are swimming right there and when you look you don’t see what you should really see.


When you look in the mirror you don’t see the breath of grace and beauty that was your creation.  You don’t see the possibility of all that God has meant you to be.  You don’t see that each line around those eyes was formed by a smile, or a frown and each line forms the tracks for our tears for the tender moments and the hard moments.


When you look in the mirror and you don’t see the beauty of curves that widened and welcomed life, the skin that stretched and protected to create a home for miracle.


When you look in the mirror you don’t always see you as God sees you.
***  I am linking up today’s blog with Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday.  The instructions – write for 5 minutes – no stopping ,no worrying about perfect.***


  1. Wonderful reminder! So glad you linked up on the Five Minute Friday 🙂

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  3. So true, and it needs to be remembered.

    Stopping by from 5MF. Come by sometime: 100lbcountdown

  4. Sometimes (most times) I really hate what I see in the mirror. The flaws, the imperfections glaring. But every once in awhile I rest in his making of me, and I catch a smile looking back and I remember the fearfully and wonderfully made bit and I see beauty. Thanks for the reminder. Don’t you just love Fridays?

    • Alia,

      This is a daily struggle of mine… I too need to really lean in and hear God whisper “fearfully and wonderfully” made. I do love Fridays… and guess what? Tomorrow is Friday. Hugs.

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