Live the Gift – Even After Christmas

It rolled around in my head for most of the holidays.  Like a load of laundry that never quite finishes the spin cycle.  Words that came out of The Greatest Gift like a beacon of light in the middle of losing my way to Bethlehem.

“You will be experienced as a blessing– to the extent you have first experienced your self as blessed” -Ann Voskamp

Of course this makes sense — of course it is truth that leaps off the page, but why, oh why am I just now realizing its validity?  Why after four decades am I just beginning to understand that I have been blessed? Blessed, beyond measure.
To be a blessing I must first realize blessing in my own life.  
I’m still sweeping pine needles up off of the living room floor.  There are still remnants of baked goods and turkey stuffed in my freezer and fridge.  This passing Advent season almost became crooked and dangerous because I  began to wrap up scarcity in brightly packaged boxes. I filled pretty bags with tissue and slapped gold bows on presents that screamed “not enough, there is not enough.”  I attempted to fill our storehouses on my own and then I clapped the roof down tight lest anything escape.  
How can one give when you don’t first believe that much has been given?  How can I give when I first don’t see the Gift?
This is not some prosperity gospel.  This is bigger than “it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.”  This is about an overflowing.  It’s about roofs of storehouse being swept away by the ocean of grace that is the Cross.  It’s about drowning in the goodness of a good God and living in the constant flow of His abundance.
It’s about letting abundance flow out of myself because God has given me more than enough. 
If I don’t believe in more than enough I will never believe I have enough to give. 
This abundance, this stalwart belief that God has given us exactly what we need, this is how you continue to live the gift.  
You continue to live the gift because His grace never empties, His provisions never dry up and there is not a storehouse big enough to hold His goodness. 
2014 for me, is about living the gift fully and completely no matter how much or how little it feels that I have because…
with Him there is ALWAYS enough. 

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