(in)RL – My Prayer for You

Dear Friend,

You’re about to enter a sacred place.  You’re about to have a shoes-off holy moment.  You’re about to hear stories of joy, stories of brokenness, and stories that will hurt.  You’ll soak tissues with tears because you’ll soon realize all of these stories that beat wildly, together they beat the rhythm that your story needs to hear. 

In two days women from all around the world will gather — a stalwart of soul sisters — will begin to see the beauty of their stories.  College student, mother, aunt, sister and best friends will see how the pieces of their brokenness fit into the tapestry of community and how Christ moves among His people in holy and healing ways. 

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve broken up with community a time or two in your life.  Maybe the thought of turning your heart back to all that He has for you has you making tracks for the door.  Maybe the past has you ignoring the invitation your neighbour, or your best friend, or the lady you don’t know, but see every week in church gave to you. 

Can I just whisper here friend… He knows.  He knows anxiety thrums deep in you bones, He knows you’d rather not.  That you would. really. rather. not.  He knows all this and more and He will never leave you.  He’s had this moment planned for you… right from the very beginning. 

He will be there in the welcome of your gracious host, in the laughs shared around cupcakes.  He will be the one in the hand that passes the tissues as His love for you fills you to overflowing. You are brave, you are courageous and you are exactly where God needs you to be – entering into deep hospitality with the body of Christ.

My prayer for you is simple.  That you would know Him more.  That you would come with your heart and palms open ready to receive all He has for you.  My prayer is that through the coming together and the breaking of bread, through the laughter and tears you would know a communion that aches sweet and deep in your soul.

My prayer is that once Saturday ends and you’re in your car heading home you’ll see how you were part of Kingdom work.  How your story meshed with my story, or the story of the women next to you is building the foundation of holy-ground work.
And this Kingdom work, it doesn’t stop on Saturday, the coming together of hearts, the practice of hospitality, the building of communities they are things that will lead the next generation of women. 

And can’t you see?  Can you not see how that sound, the sound of your life, beats a rhythm in my life and mine beats a rhythm in yours and together we make music.

There is no off note. No discoloured chord.  There is only a sweet fragrance of doing life together.  We need you and we need the music of your story.

Registering for (in)RL is as easy as 1,2,3…   Simply click HERE enter your information and find a meetup near you!  I know you’re a bit scared, or worried, but don’t you worry we build strong benches built on Christ’s love at (in)Courage and there’s room enough for you! 

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