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Words have long been a solace for me.  Some of my earliest memories are about being wrapped in a blanket with my nose in a book and words soothing places in me that needed soothing.  Stories became my playground and I would spend long hours immersed in the worlds of Anne of Green Gables, Lucy, Edmond, Peter and Susan, and The Boxcar Children. 

I began to realize at an early age the power of the written word. Authors holding their audience in rapt attention all because an idea became words, words sorted themselves into sentences and sentences wove into paragraphs; all of it conjuring the magic of once upon a time, in a land far away.
I remember well the first time I scratched my own words down, tried my hand at organizing thoughts and ideas.  My mom had made me a journal.  Two boards that were held together with 3-ring binder clips and construction paper pages where she had written her favourite words in her own hand.  There was also lots of room for my heart to fill the lines.  On the cover she had cross-stitched my name along with ducks and some flowers.  I still have that journal.  A talisman of a passion conceived and a journey that would prove to be long and twisty.  My story.
There are some things that I wish I could have known when I first started writing.  I wish that I had a safe place to let the vulnerability of my words be cupped in tenderness and washed in soothing encouragement.  But along side this I also wished I had someone there to hold me accountable to the unique timbre that is my voice.  I wished I had other writers, those who have gone before me and understand this passion, to bolster my courage. Writing can be lonely, a path fraught with fear and lack of confidence that freezes the words in brain and keeps our hands hovered over keyboards whilst being hypnotized by the blinking cursor.  Writing can be lonely and it can be empty.
This is why I decided to say yes when I was asked to co-lead the Writers (in)Couraging Writers Community Group with (in)Courage.  I want to part of a community that would provide a safe and nurturing space for other writers who understand the inherent vulnerability that comes with writing.  I want to open my arms wide and gather women, other writers, close and watch as their stories unfold, I want to be the first to hear their voices raised, bold and full of startling beauty, as each one discovers her words, her story.
I want to hear YOU!
If you are a writer, whether you scratch with pen in a journal or tap keys and fill screens with your bravery, this group is for you.  If you’re just starting, have been writing for years, have been published or dream of being published we want to welcome you with open arms to the Writers (in)Couraging Writers Community Group. 
I can promise you this – you will be loved, you will be encouraged and you will be welcome.  So won’t you join us on our bench?
Registration is open today over at (in)Courage and it is so simple to join, simply click here and add your name to the list!
I would also like to take this moment to introduce you to Sarah and Diana I will be co-leading this group with these two lovely ladies.  Their words have blessed me, I know that they will bless you as well.
A whispered encouragement here; pop on over and say hello!

Sarah S.  Girl Grows Up

Diana Stone  Diana Wrote


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