In The Resting {Post-conference Re-entry}

I was at Allume last week.  

And, I can home full to overflowing.


My first inclination is to begin doing.  I can’t  waste time, I need take everything I’ve learned, all those moments that God did deep healing work in my life and get down to the task of implementing it.

And then the busy takes over and somehow I lose sight of how God showed me his heart. 

While I learned some amazing and wonderful practical things at Allume God also helped me to see the areas of my life in which I need to draw closer to him.

Those moments are the one that are achingly beautiful to me.  He was refining me, purifying me in a way that would set me apart for him.  Throughout the weekend he was using people to show me more of his heart.

When you come home from such sweet communion how then can you possibly process everything that made your heart fairly burst with more of him? 


It was whisper yesterday morning during my devotions, when I couldn’t find my way clear to concentrating on what I was reading.   When my mind was running fast through all the possibilities of how I was going to change my priorities, change my actions, change everything about everything that I was doing.

Rest — it was a whisper that beckoned me out of the whirling of my mind. 

In rest the healing is complete. 

“After all the males were circumcised they rested in the camp until they were healed.” Joshua 5:8

I know it seems weird for me to be talking about circumcision but those are the exact words I read when I felt God whisper “rest” in my soul. The Israelites were stepping into huge changes.  They were coming out of the wilderness and preparing themselves for the completion of the covenant God made with Abraham so many years previous.

With the task of purification, of healing, comes the task of rest.  When God touches your heart in healing ways, when you begin to feel the shift in the landscape of your soul to make room for more of him it is the sweetest pain and there is nothing left really but to rest. 


The healing is complete when you can rest in his presence to fully comprehend the work that has been done and continues to be done as he calls you closer to him. 

The Israelites, on the cusp of battle took time for purification and — REST.

There is so much goodness that comes from conferences and retreats such as Allume.  So much beautiful work that is born in the quiet corners, the hugging, the prayers and the eye to eye conversations.  There is so much goodness yet there also comes with it all an urgency to do.

We need to learn to bask in the new landscape that God has carved in hearts.  We need to learn to find complete healing long after we board the planes to come home.


God worked in my heart at Allume.  He helped me to see things I hadn’t yet seen.  He also broke me.

Rest is required.

Abiding in Jesus is required. 

Can I whisper hear friend – that rest is needed.  So take it.  Lay your head down and inhale the rest that is yours.

It is in his arms that you will find the everything you need to live the life that he has called you to live.  


  1. Oh thank you Tonya for this invitation to keep right on resting! I’ve given myself the space to rest since coming home from Allume and it has been the most refreshing feeling ever. Praying for you, that you continue to rest as well! Thank you for sharing your words.

  2. That is one of the hardest things in the world for me. Thanks for the reminder that rest is essential.

  3. I love this. I find no sooner than I return from a conference /gathering then I have to jump right back in where I left off. With the kids, church service,life etc. No time to fully decompress /ponder/rest over what God did during the conference. (Whether within myself or what i witnessed in others lives) to make that time. Thanks for the reminder.

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