Friend – Five Minute Friday

Wow! I can’t believe it’s Friday again.  My favourite time of the week where I gather with other courageous friends and write fearless, for the sheer joy of it, for 5 minutes flat.  No thinking, no backtracking, no editing, just pouring hearts out the tips of our fingers.  We link up with Lisa-Jo Baker and there is really only one very important rule… be sure you sprinkle some Blog love in the comments section of the brave person who linked up before you.


Hands wrapped around steaming mugs, with feet tucked under.  Blankets tossed over cold legs.  You sip your vanilla latte and find you are sharing more than just the physical space.  That somehow, over the years your hearts have found a way to wind around each other. 


Your dreams become fluid when you are together.  Hopes blending together in a viscous liquid that pours out your souls and leaks out your eyes.  The hug that only Christ-sisters share is more than just the arms that come up and around.  It’s pressing heart to heart and sharing the ancient calling of womanhood.

There’s the twinkle in the eye and the knowing look and before you know the giggles erupt and spill out and over and then the laughter comes straight up from your toes. And you throw your heads back and grip you sides with tears streaming down the cheeks watering the ground with your joy.

There is a safety in that phone conversation, the one where you are so upset the air is turning blue, because taming the tongue is no easy chore. But the voice on the other end waits until the storm passes, just waits until the anger subsides.  And just when you’re feeling guilty about the ungraceful words you chose she pipes up with “What can I do? How can I help?” No judgement, no admonishment just a desire to go there… yes there with you.  And in that moment you are undone by grace and suddenly what had you cursing in the first place doesn’t seem like the mountain that you thought it would be. 

It’s the knowing that we share so much more than the title of woman. We are sister, mother, lover, grandmother, aunt and…




  1. Awesome post.

  2. Just beautiful words from a beautiful, open heart.

  3. Anonymous

    I love the memories of sharing those kinds of moment with you xx

    • Anonymous

      cant figure out any other way but to be anonymous….mom

    • Mom… Me too, me too xx

      And thank you for putting the 2nd comment in here…Most of my Anonymous commenters are spammers… we’re going to have to figure out why you’re not able to comment as you… <3

  4. You flooded my mind with memories of dear women. I am so thankful for you, friend, and this community that brought us together.

  5. Love your words today, friend…you are a blessing! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. Beautiful – I especially love this > “Your dreams become fluid when you are together. Hopes blending together in a viscous liquid that pours out your souls and leaks out your eyes.” So many memories here that feel just like my own!

  7. I love the way your words flow – your thoughts seem so fluid…so connected. Beautiful. And it helps that they come from a gorgeous heart.

  8. Girrrlll… yes to all of this! And a thousand Yeses to be able to do it in person – and hug proper – in October!

    • Oh what a day that will be… tears for sure… HUGE ones! Let’s find a few minutes to wrap our hands around a steaming mug shall we and share hearts…

  9. Lovely. What true words. Thank you.

  10. ancient calling of womanhood, watering the ground with your joy, taming the tongue – no easy chore. I am completely undone by the beauty of this word/work. Bless you for blessing me tonight Tonya.

  11. Such sweet shared memories. Thanks for sharing your words and your heart. Have a great weekend.

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