Five Minute Friday: Write

Five Minute Friday

 Friday  just may be my favourite time of the week.  A time to gather with other writers and go brave into the unscripted and edited world of penning words – hearts – for all to read.  Won’t you join us over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s we have the best time EVER!!

Word:  WRITE


The words they bubble up inside of me.  All of them at once sometimes clamoring to get out.  Some of them bubble to the surface and then sit like anticipation on my heart waiting for the perfect time, the perfect sentence to burst through and be written.  
Along with the words, my fear also  bubbles up.  What if someone reads my words and hates them.  I know that I’ve told I have to separate the person from the writing, but how do you rip apart words that poured straight from the heart without ripping out the person’s own beating heart?
My fears come in all shapes and sizes.  What if my story is dumb?  What if my story is so intertwined with someone else’s story that I hurt them in my version, my telling. 
And I see the letters appear here, round and soft on a glowing white screen, but don’t let their cursive wonder fool you.  These words that I write, the ones that bleed from my soul they have the power to slice and wound and cut deep to a person’s core.  Words are mighty, they are battle swords that leave fatal wounds.  Words can tear holes in a person’s confidence, a wide gaping yawn right through their souls.
This fear of hurting others, of people not understanding my story it keeps me prisoner so very often.  


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