Five Minute Friday – Write

 It’s Friday.  ‘Nuff said! Love this community, love these writers.  Want to read bravery head on over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s



There is thing that I do and most days it scares the spit right out of me.  These words that tumble out of my fingers and land here on this glowing space, they scare me in the best way possible.

There was a time when fear was so ferocious the thought of laying bare my soul had me squinching my eyes tight with fear.  When I tamped words down and hid them in journals and in a heart that was hard.  Who would want to read my thoughts?  Who would want to put their ear to my heart and listen to all that beat reckless and crazy in side of it.

And this calling to write, its not about accolades, its not even about being read.  This calling to lay down words is a holy wonder.  It is wonder that has taken me to the depths of healing.

It’s been a crazy ride these past months and 188 posts.   A crazy and recklessly beautiful ride. Full of dips and turns and hair raising courage that boggles my mind.  Days when I have to pull words from a rock and days when sentences and phrases become the air that I breathe.

And I am so grateful for all of you… yes you, who read hear and love here and bless so abundantly here.  You are the voice of God when I feel  that my world is silent.  You are His whisper in my ear that He has loved me with an everlasting love and that these dreams that beat in my heart, bear first in His heart.  And I can. not. even. imagine doing life without all of you!

You’ve held my hand and rubbed my back and spoken life to places in me that I thought long dead and I love each and every one of you.

Yes there are days when I can not find my words, but when the elude me and hide in the crags and corners of my heart, all of you are in plain sight, God’s glorious provision for my freshly healed heart.


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