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Five Minute Friday I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker, as I do every week for Five Minute Friday.  We are a group of writers who bravely battle our need for perfection and over editing and write, unscripted for 5 minutes.  Won’t you join the bravery?   Pssst… Lisa-Jo will be hosting this week’s Five Minute Friday over at my second favourite community (in)Courage – You should check them out too! 



I don’t know why I find this word so hard.  I’ve have stopped and started three different times.  It’s like I have words that are pressing on my heart and yet they can not even come close to describing what my soul claims as worship.

This week I’ve been reading about how He chose us.  How He knew what our paths would be, the decisions that we would make and the sins that we would commit and He still chose us.  And I have been overwhelmed by the scandalous grace of it all.  That in the middle of my mess, the ooze of my envy and doubt God had a plan.  And what’s even more ludicrous is that His plan included the death of His beloved Son so I could gain a Brother.  Friend’s that’s not even the crazy part.  Crazier still is that because Christ is my brother I am to gain an inheritance.

Filthy, messy, dirty, sin-ridden me is being granted an inheritance – SCANDALOUS GRACE

So the when Lisa-Jo posts the word I am at a loss for my own words.

How do you describe your gratitude for such grace?  What praise could my lips possibly utter that would be sufficient?  What acts of worship could I possibly participate in to even come close to demonstrating what my spirit groans?

I am His.  That is my worship.  I am His.  Knees bent, palms open, ready to receive His grace.  My worship is the offering of my life.

I’m all in.


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