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Five Minute Friday.  This community, these beautiful people, these sisters (mostly) are so precious to me and I love that I get to share in their courage and bravery every single week.  Normally I gather with them on Thursday night for the most awesome of Twitter parties but this week I heard God singing me a lullaby and headed for sleep instead. 

I just love how, sometimes, the word that Lisa-Jo picks is so interconnected to my heart that it can only be God conducting this orchestra.  If you want to be blessed by the raised voices that is the song of Five Minute Friday you will want to head over here

I laid my head down on the cushion of my arm.  It has been a long week.

I opened the door to fear this week.  Opened it wide and let its fangs sink deep in the flesh of my dreams.  And with my fear I have entertained doubt as the questions of how and when and who have circled around my wounded heart, like vultures waiting to swoop in after death.

I laid my head down on the cushion of my arm.  It has been a long week.

And the fear and doubt gave way to anger.  The ferocious kind, the kind that hails straight from the flames of hell.  Words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them and even as I tried to grab hold of my tongue with two clenched fists I still couldn’t control the bitter that dripped poison from my lips.

I laid my head down on the cushion of my arm.  It has been a long week.

And as I laid there weary settled on my shoulders,  tired leaked out of my eyes, and anger gave way to the heat of shame, I began to hear a familiar song.  The melody soft and subtle at first, a gentle whisper of notes that began to swell within my soul.

I heard it in the sound the rain made falling on my roof, in the way the wind would sweep through newborn leaves.  I heard it in the love a good man who dared enough to touch the edges of my mad with an offering of books and a Chai Tea Latte. 

I heard it in the fragrance of lilacs that the breeze carried through an open window.  The glorious pink of a morning sunrise, as clouds unfurled in the light of day.  I heard it in the smell of fresh cut grass and the sight of tulip cups pointed heavenward.

I laid my head down on the cushion of my arm.  I heard the Him sing my song, the lullaby that chased away my fears, the song of delight that released the knot of weariness, the ode to joy that pushed past my anger.

I laid my head down on the cushion of my arm and gave way to the beauty of His song.

For the Lord your God is living among you.
He is a mighty saviour.
He will take delight in you with gladness.
With his love, he will calm all your fears.
He will rejoice over you with joyful songs  – Zephaniah 3:17



  1. Oh, Tonya!!!! This is heart-wrenchingly beautiful!!! Thank you for your vulnerability in this and for the beautiful resolution (I just LOVE Zeph. 3:17!). LOVELY!

  2. I love the song He sings us! The sweet lullaby to calm our fears! So beautiful! Rest in the song He sings just for you!

  3. You and I inhabit the same world so sending you love, hugs and hope for a brighter tomorrow. So grateful for the Father’s song x

    • Karen… I too am grateful for His song and how it ministers. Leaning in on Him today and praying the same for you friend.

  4. Tonya, Tonya, Tonya, I can not find the word to tell you just how much your words have sung a sweet song to me today. It has been a long week and I have gone through all the emotions but today I will lay my head on the cushion on my arm and listen to the song He is singing over me.

  5. Beautiful! I love this! Once again, I wonder if we were separated at birth. What a powerful reminder that He does, indeed, rejoice over us with joyful songs.

    • I love how God put us together… and how He used the internet and Allume to bring good… I feel like I’m gaining a friend for life!

  6. Oh my stars how I adore you! simply utterly ADORE! Ah teh power of a good man, a stack of books, a Latte, and a hint of singsong in the air – of Him – just belting out our song!

    Oh – and are we mostly sisters, or mostly precious? 😉

    • Good catch my friend (mostly sisters – as in mostly female writers) – My man, well, hee was amazing this week… my tongue was pretty wild and pretty ferocious… but he braved it!

  7. I think that one of the reasons that I so love to head to cottage area at least once a summer is that I find it so much easier to hear the song he sings when i’m away from the drone of the city. Thank you for sharing how his love broke through, with gentle words from your husband (books and chai tea- beautiful) and the weather outside that sang a loving melody. Thank you for sharing your journey this week.

    • I love it too when we can get away to my dad’s cottage by the beach. I have a spot that is very special to me – I heard God speak to me there this past summer more audibly than I have every heard Him – I guess you could say I heard Him sing over me for the very first time.

  8. Dear Tonya,
    what a heartfelt write, and I am so glad you heard God sing His song of love and delight over you, and that your man was kind to you…keep going with your dream of going back to school, my friend 🙂 We are all cheering for you 🙂

    • Dolly, I can hear your cheers from here. Thank you so much friend for your support. Leaning in on Him and while it is hard I love that I’m living life on this “tilted slant” as my friend Nikki would say.

  9. LOVE this, Tonya. Thank you for this brave, honest reflection of your week…and I love that you ended it with the Truth that He sings over us. Amazing promise! Blessings, sweet friend. 🙂

    • That song – the one full of His promise? It was the highlight of my week!!! I’m so glad that I took the time to hear it.

  10. This is what I needed…at the end of my own long day. One more song. And with this one, I think I’ll dance. Thank you God for your peace-giving song. Amen.

    • Oh friend -Tears here – I hope you enjoyed your dance. I can see you in His arms and Him whispering His song into your ear – {hugs}

  11. Wow.Beautiful imagery came out of your rotten week. I love “…Opened it wide and let its fangs sink deep in the flesh of my dreams. “

    Hoping God’s song restores you.

    Laura Hedgecock

  12. ACK! This is amazing, Tonya. Sincerely. May I echo the “long week” sentiment? But, also, may I echo the grace that comes in giving way to the beauty of His song, too? Loved. This!

    • Thank you so much! I hope you found some time this weekend to lay your head on the cushion of your arm and here Him sing over you!

  13. I love the refrain of the cushion of your arm. And the return to his song among the hammering of all the others. Thank you for your honesty here, Tonya.

  14. Oh friend…if I could sit across from you with my own steamy mug and just listen to His song…

    (and can I just say–the beauty of Zeph 3:17 is it applies to so much…what a gift that verse is. ugh. love that you applied it here)

    This blessed me immensely. Thank you.

    • Nikki – I can see us you know – hands wrapped around steaming mugs of goodness and hearts wrapped around each other’s as we bask in His goodness. Someday friend either on this side of heaven or the other – someday we will meet and we will hug and we will listen to God’s song. Love you!

  15. He sings to us all the time, so often in the little things that we just walk by and miss. Thank you for writing!

    • That verse in Zephaniah? It is a reminder to slow right down – yes to hear Him in the small things – it is all His song.

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